How Can I setup Linksys Router Without CD or Linksys Connect Software?

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    I want to setup my linksys e2500 router. but when i run linksys connect software, it gives me Linksys router can’t connect to the internet error.

    i talked to my isp, they told me to setup my router without cisco setup. they have given me some username and password to put it on my internet settings.

    when i try to sign into my linksys router setup page. it asks me to run setup first. can anyone tell me about how can i install my linksys router without cd?


    Norberto Ruecker

    I have already answered on Linksys router setup at

    you can read it here. I am giving you the answer once again here.

    Providing you very easy steps to setup a linksys router-

    • Open browser address bar and type there router’s IP address
    • The “Enter Network Password” window will appear. Skip username and type the router’s password (admin is the default password if you haven’t changed it) and click the OK button.
    • If you are not able to login try the combination of username and password as admin/admin , admin/password or admin/leave blank. One of them surely give you login access.
    • Now select your connection type Dynamic or PPPOE.
    • If you are choosing PPPOE, type username and password given by your ISP.
    • Click Save Settings and restart. Now your Linksys router is ready to use.

    In case you have any trouble write in comment below.


    Sedrick Kunze

    I have bought new linksys wireless router. I read the manual. they are asking me to install the router with the help of linksys setup disk but I did not receive any cd with my router.

    Can I setup linksys router without cd? If yes!  please let me know how?


    Judy C. Battiste

    If you did not get the setup disk along with your linksys router. Do not worry at all, you can easily download the linksys connect software from linksys official website.

    After downloading the files. you can simply run it and follow the steps to setup your linksys router.


    Sedrick Kunze

    So far, I understood the tricks to install linksys router without cd. But still I have few problems.

    1. Is there any perticular link to find the linksys connect software?
    2. Can i setup my linksys wireless router without using the linksys connect software?

    Kaitlin Lueilwitz


    Here are some quick ways to setup the linksys router without CD. you can go forward to install your wireless router using the tricks given below.

    Let’s hook up your Linksys router with the internet modem using the ethernet cable. Here, you have to connect your modem to the WAN (internet) Port of the router.
    Now let’s take another Ethernet cable and connect it from your PC to the LAN (Local) Port of the router.
    After making the connection, you need to power on your router and modem, wait until all lights on the router turn blue. if you get orange light on wifi router. you need to visit: why is my Linksys router blinking orange.
    once you will have a green or blue light on your wireless router. it’s time to set up the Linksys router. so you need to go ahead and run the Linksys connect software and follow the instructions given below. for brief details, you can visit: how to install the Linksys router?

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