How Do I Connect My Canon Printer With WiFi For Wireless Printing?

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    I bought a smart wifi canon Pixma printer and I really don’t know how to print through wifi from it. Any guidance for how do I connect my canon printer to the wifi?


    Firstly connect your printer with a computer or laptop using USB or port cable. Now power on the electrical connection of printer.

    Once you will power up your Canon printer it will try to make a connection between printer and computer.

    Check your printer contains an ink or a toner cartridge, if it doesn’t have cartridge please insert the cartridge. Some models of Canon printers come with an in-built ink tank option.

    Choose the correct ink slot and place the ink cartridges according to your printer model. If the ink cartridges are installed and everything is fine, the printer will print a test page automatically the first time.

    Printer box contains an installation disc. Insert the disc in your computer and run it. Sometimes it runs automatically and prompts a screen for next installation. You just need to follow the steps and install it.

    After finishing the installation it will print a test page to make sure printer is connected properly and working fine.


    Kay N. Grijalva

    Nowadays installing a printer is very easy for everyone. You just need to follow the steps given by the manual. There are a few common steps which always works. you can try them below and easily connect your Canon printer with wireless-

    • Go to the printer display control panel.
    • Select the menu and click on network settings.
    • Now choose wireless (WLAN) network.
    • Here you need to WLAN setup wizard.
    • The display will show you a list of available wireless networks, find out your network name and click on next.
    • Type your wireless password in the box asking for security key and click ok.

    After clicking ok button printer will be connected to the wireless network. You can also use below link for canon wifi setup software to connect your printer with wirelessly.

    If you do you have any problem write in the comment below.


    Sue A. Davis

    WPS method is very easy to connect canon printer to the wifi. All you need: a WPS enabled router.

    Now let me explain how can you connect canon printer to the wifi.

    In the WPS method, you have to push the WPS button on your Canon printer, and then you need to push the same WPS button on your router as well.

    Once you will press the buttons, you need to wait for 2 minutes. They will detect each other and get connected with themselves.

    It’s that easy.


    Alphonso Kassulke

    I have a big smart canon printer. You can say its type of network printer and I have installed it in my library network.

    I am running a small private library. Providing facility of free printing for my paid members in the library. This printing works through wifi.

    The problem is that sometimes it takes command for printing and sometimes it doesn’t print with the same device like iPad or laptops.

    I have to restart several times in a day to fix the issue. Is there any proper solution for my canon wireless printing issue.


    Bianka Mitchell

    @dashawns please provide us more information like printer model and router model. Every router has different features.


    I bought a Canon PIXMA E3170 wireless printer. AT&T company has provided wireless modem also I am using the internet. Its model is Netgear Gateway Model 7550.

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