How Do I Connect My New Epson Printer With Computer?

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    Bianka Mitchell

    I just bought an Epson printer today. Before Epson, I was using a different company printer and it worked fine until broke down. Now the problem is that I can’t understand what to do because this Epson printer is new and advance. How can I connect and print through this new Epson printer as I was using the old printer?


    Colton Powlowski

    This should then get your printer online and up and running but you may find that within a short period you have the same issue again. For permanent solution install Epson printer driver.

    1. Right click on my computer icon and go to the manage option. Select the device manager settings from the right sidebar.
    2. Scroll down to the USB controller’s and click on (+) symbol to open the list.
    3. On every “USB Root Hub” right click and go to the “Properties”.
    4. Select the ‘Power Management’ tab option.
    5. Remove the check from (Allow the computer to turn off a device to save power).
    6. Restart your computer and printer

    Mikaela M Tarr

    Connect your Epson printer with your computer by USB cable come with the printer. Inside the box of the printer, you can find out a USB cable.

    Connect one side of the cable with your Epson printer and another side with your computer.

    Turn on your printer and it will automatically connect. If it is not connecting or not printing install the driver of Epson printer. You can find the driver with driver disc CD which came with the Epson printer.

  • Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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