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    Hope Spinka

    My go pro has fallen down from my drone and screen went black. Nothing is showing apart from one light also does not turn on. Seems like the screen has broken. How can I fix it?

    Zyan Herzog

    It might possible your Go pro screen is damage. Usually, the screen and motherboard become break after falling down. Screen and also motherboard both are easily replaceable.

    As you are saying in description not getting any light, might possibly damage of motherboard or battery too. Further, you can change any of them by opening your go pro and the steps you can find from replacing go pro screen.

    Isidro Dooley

    Have you checked your go pro charger is working? Sometimes go pro doesn’t charge and we think the problem is in go pro screen. It already happens to me.

    Most of the user keep extra battery and charger. Try to check by replacing charger and battery. If you still have the same issue. let us know.

    we will come up with some other good tricks.

    Sydney Torp

    I had the same issue with my Go Pro. One of my friends suggested me to do, and it fixes mt go pro black screen problem. You should also try this:

    • Open your go pro plastic case.
    • Now unscrew all the screw and remove the battery.
    • Use a hair dryer and set on the lowest point. Blow warm hair softly inside the go pro.
    • Maintain light hot hair from some distance. Don’t blow burning air.
    • Keep warm air for two minutes and repeat after every 5 minutes.
    • After doing 5-6 times, leave your device as it for 30 minutes at a dry place.
    • Use clean tissue paper and clean all the connecting point by rubbing it.
    • Connect all the parts of the hair dryer, including battery. Start and see is it working or not.
    Philip Steuber

    I want to share my own experience on the go pro black screen issue. Once I was doing river rafting with my friends. I did fix my go pro on selfie stick. During hitch hole of water, my stick goes down into the water with a go pro.

    I didn’t notice my go pro has stopped working until reach the hotel. It was surprising that go pro is waterproof then how it stops working in water. I did notice there was a tiny hair crack on the body.

    I had decided to open because I wanted to shoot more. Water has reached inside the go pro and the reason for showing a black screen. I removed every part carefully and kept under the table lamp.

    After two hours of light heat, all the parts dry. I fix all the parts and turn it on. This time it was turned on and working fine. I did close the leakage part on the body, and it was working fine.

    So, before trying anything else, you can try these above steps. It may turn on your go pro screen from black.

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