How Do I Fix Lenovo Laptop Sound Not Working Problem?

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    Judy C. Battiste

    I cannot get any audio noise from my Lenovo laptop. all time, I play any music or video on it. also, it is not getting any sound in starting (reboot) process as well.

    can you advise me what can be the reason behind Lenovo laptop sound not working problem and how can I resolve this problem?


    James L. Hammer

    I had a similar problem with my Lenovo laptop. that time, I had called the Lenovo laptop expert At toll-free- 1800-301-8767. they had fixed my problem. you should also call them once.

    Here, I am sharing some quick tips about how can you fix the Lenovo laptop audio problem. you can follow them for troubleshooting the sound issue.

    • Try to increase the sound on your laptop. maybe you have muted the audio by mistake. that’s why you are going through the Lenovo laptop audio problem.
    • check for the driver update. most of the time, people struggle with the sound not working issue due to the outdated driver.
    • plug in the headphone into your Lenovo laptop, and then try to play audio. let’s see if you can hear any noise now or not?
    • Later, if you are still going through the audio problem. I will advise you to reset the laptop.

    If you still struggle through Lenovo laptop sound not working issue, you need to contact Lenovo.

    note- factory reset process will delete all application installed into your computer. so do it on your own risk.


    Sue A. Davis

    When you face sound problem with your lenovo laptop. first of all, you need to check following things.

    • Driver issue.
    • sound is muted.
    • speaker problem.
    • incorrect audio settings.

    These are four common reasons. let me explain about how can you fix them.

    Driver issue-  when people have an outdated or incompatible sound driver into there lenovo laptop. it will surely cause sound not working issue.

    in this case, you should check for the driver update first. to update the sound driver you may follow the instructions given below.

    • Go to device manager.
    • Click on sound, game and video controller.
    • Right click on your sound driver and click on update.

    Uninstall Duplicate Sound Driver- 

    you should also need to be sure about duplicate or multiple sound drivers into your laptop. if you find two or many audio driver into your lenovo pc. you need to go ahead and uninstall them.

    you can find the latest driver from lenovo’s official website

    System restore- 

    If both steps doesn’t work for you. you need to go ahead and restore your laptop to the back date. when the sound was working fine.


    Kay N. Grijalva

    Let’s check the audio settings to fix sound not working problem on lenovo laptop.

    • Go to control panel and click on sound.
    • Choose your speaker working speaker and click on set as default.
    • Now go to properties, click on label.
    • raise the sound volume, if you find it low.
    • Here you need to click on advanced and choose the audio format type.
    • choose the audio format type one by one and click on test.
    • if you can listen to any sound from your laptop. you need to choose that format and click on ok.

    After doing all this,i am sure you will start getting audio from your laptop.


    Mark C. Martin

    I am going through lenovo laptop sound not working problem, I have tried to follow the instructions given into this post, but it did not work for me at all.

    Sometimes, it is giving me sound and sometimes, it looses the audio automatically. in that case, i have to unplug my speakers and re-plug them again.

    once i do that, i start getting the sound. but it is little hard to do this for me all time.


    Dashawn Stoltenberg

    Sometimes default media device for sound becomes to change. You have to make the sound as default media for sound. Steps are below:

    1. Open Control panel in windows and click on Sound.
    2. Single click on Speakers/ Headphones and select Set Default from below.
    3. Now your sound device set as windows media sound device.
    4. This will solve your Lenovo laptop sound problem.

    Joyce M Cody

    Thanks, Dashawn I have selected my default sound from USB to Realtek Sound and it started working. Now I can listen to any music on my Lenovo laptop.

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