How Do I Fix Lenovo Laptop Sound Not Working Problem?

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    Judy C. Battiste

    I lost the sound from the Lenovo laptop. I have tried to play the songs on various applications like- VLC, youtube, Real media player. But Lenovo laptop has no sound.

    Why is my Lenovo laptop sound not working and what should I do to fix it.


    James L. Hammer

    Lenovo laptop no sound problem is the most known problem for nowadays. Here, I am sharing the Basic guide to troubleshoot the audio issue. You can go ahead and follow it.

    1. Ensure that you have not muted the Sound by mistake.
    2. Let’s Play an audio file on your laptop and then raise the volume bar to ensure, if you are getting the sound or not.
    3. Try to install external speakers or headphone on your computer and then play a video. Do you hear any sound now or not?
    4. If you cannot hear the sound from the external speakers, it means you need to update or change the audio driver on your Lenovo laptop.

    Sue A. Davis

    Several times, When Lenovo laptop sound not working occurs. People think their speakers ould are broken, that’s why they are not getting the noise from the windows laptop.

    But it is not true at all. Most of the time, there is a problem with the driver settings or audio settings. That’s why Lenovo laptop produces no sound issue.

    In this guide, I am teaching you about troubleshooting the sound problem. You should use the guide to fix your Lenovo laptop.

    Check the mute Function-

    Do you see the Mute icon in the bottom taskbar? If yes. You need to un-mute the sound by clicking on it or press the mute button available on the keyboard.

    Set your internet speakers as a default-

    Sometimes, we face the sound issue on the Lenovo laptop due to default speaker settings.

    We may have chosen the wrong speakers as default speakers; that’s why we are not able to hear any noise from the Lenovo laptop.

    So you should check the audio settings once and select your Lenovo laptop’s speakers as a default speaker. To do that you can follow the process given below.

    • Go to the Control panel and click on the Sound option.
    • Click on the Internal Speaker and then click on default.
    • Now Press the apply changes button, and then play audio again.

    Remove the Duplicate Drivers –

    If you are using the Windows 8 or later operating system, you should check for the duplicate drivers.

    When your windows update it, it might download a copy of the same driver, which will conflict with the existing sound driver.

    That will cause Lenovo laptop sound not working problem for you.

    IN such case, you need to uninstall both audio drivers from your laptop.

    Now reboot your Lenovo laptop.

    Once your Lenovo laptop reboots itself, it will automatically install the audio driver for itself, and you will start getting the sound.


    Did you check for the audio driver update?

    An Outdated audio driver can be one of the most common reasons behind Lenovo laptop no sound problem.

    So you should check for the update every month.

    Today, if you are going through Lenovo laptop sound problem. Just try to update the sound driver using the steps given below.

    1. Go to the device manager.
    2. Click on the sound, games, and video controller.
    3. Right-click on your sound driver and click on update driver.
    4. Click on search automatically for the updated sound driver.
    5. Now your computer will start looking for the recent update and install if there will be any update available.

    Once this process would complete, restart your Lenovo laptop again.

    Factory Restore your Laptop-

    After following all these instructions, if you are still struggling with Lenovo laptop sound not working problem.

    I will recommend you to factory restore your laptop to the backdate when the sound was working fine.


    Brenda R. Guerro

    I cannot hear any noise from the Lenovo laptop. It happens only with youtube. If I play something on the VLC media player, I can get decent audio.

    Why do I have Lenovo laptop no sound issue on youtube only?


    James L. Hammer

    It seems like, you have muted the sound for the browser. So you need to unmute the sound.

    • Click on the sound icon available in the taskbar.
    • Now click on the mixer.
    • Here, you will see the list of applications, that is using the sound. Here, you will see the browser icon as well. You need to click on the unmute button to release the music.

    Now play audio on the youtube if you are still facing the Lenovo laptop sound, not working problem. Let us know. We will help you with troubleshooting the issue.

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