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    Anastasia Crist

    Since last few days, my desktop keeps shutting down automatically. It works for a few minutes and without permission, it’s shutting down itself.

    What could be the reason for shutting down desktop automatically and how do I resolve this?

    Alphonso Kassulke

    As you describe in question it is working for a few minutes. It seems like your desktop is dirty or full dust.

    Try to clean your desktop properly. We usually ignore it but the collection of dust in computers is a big cause of slow down the speed.

    Anastasia Crist

    Hi Alphonso Kassulke, as you write above in the answer I cleaned my whole desktop properly. Open it and by using blower remove all the dust.

    Now the problem is I am not getting any display. The desktop fan is running but no display. What should I do now?

    Hope Spinka

    Start your desktop computer and keep pressing F8 key. In some model use, F2 for safe mode start but it may show at first start on the screen.

    It will show lots of option to select startup type. you have to select safe mode and hit enter. A window will stop all the third-party applications also start your pc in safe mode.

    In the safe, all the third party software and internet would automatic disable. Now go to control panel and program features. Uninstall all the unwanted programs program from here.

    After uninstalling press windows key and ‘R’ together. A run box will appear there. Type temp and hit ok. A window will come with some files. Select all the files also delete it permanently from recycle bin.

    Just you did type temp in the run box follow the same step and type %temp% and prefetch one by one and hit ok. Delete all the files which will come on the screen also from recycle bin.

    Further, if you have any anti-virus security software, scan the whole PC. After scanning restart your pc in normal mode. Still, do you have a problem let me know otherwise it will fix your issue?


    Itzel Romaguera

    Most probably virus can cause of restarting the computer. You should use anti-virus on your computer. The virus can do anything on your computer. The infection can restart also hang your computer.

    Buy any good antivirus from the official website and scan your whole computer. During the scan, the computer may restart more than one or two times.

    Philip Steuber

    We do never notice, but many times our computer get the infection from the internet. These infections can, in the form of many types. Some virus or application asks permission to install the program and change your administrative privilege settings.

    It will block if you have any good antivirus on your computer. If you don’t get any proper protection, highly possible it may affect your computer settings.

    Changes in computer settings may also affect for restarting the computer. This problem can easily solve by restoring your computer in the backdate when it was working fine.

    Zyan Herzog

    You should try to update your BIOS software. BIOS is responsible for starting and handling all the peripheral of the computer. It is possible BIOS got the bad update, or any file was missing.

    Start your computer and keep pressing Del/Delete key. It will bring you to the BIOS settings page. You can update your BIOS software from here, but make sure your PC or Laptop connects with LAN internet cable.

    BIOS update has solved many problems related with computers before. So, you must try it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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