How Do I Fix My HP Laptop Beeping Black Screen And Won’t Turn On?

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    Asa Marquardt

    I am using HP Laptop with i3 processor. Since morning it keeps giving beep sound and won’t turn on too. All the lights also once lid up if pressing the power button. It has window 10 and 4 months old.

    Bryce Kutch

    Beeping sound also the black screen indicates that the display is not coming from RAM. If you are getting beep-beep sound after starting also the system is giving spinning sound, shows RAM is not working.

    There could be a lot of reason for the black screen. It might be a broken the faulty screen or RAM issue. You can check your RAM is faulty or not by reading how-do-i-know-my-ram-is-faulty.

    James Corday

    Turn off your laptop and flip back. Open back panel by unscrewing. You can see there your laptop parts. Find out RAM and remove it by sliding the holding notch.

    Use plain paper clean your RAM copper notches also slot port. Don’t use any scrub or hard thing it may damage points.

    Now plug it back in your RAM in the slot and turn on your Laptop. If you are getting display without beep you are good to go. Close your back panel and screw it. If still giving sound then try the same cleaning process once again.

    Annie Ross

    The black screen is a very annoying problem for users. It generally causes due to hardware faulty. So, you should remove the connected hardware from your laptop and also see if this is where the problem lies in. Remove the power, hard drives, the battery, and any other attached peripheral devices. After this, put your battery in and plug the charger.

    Philip Steuber

    A laptop only starts when all the components are connected and working fine. During startup, laptop send a token from BIOS to check all the parts. If all the tokens come back with ping, indicates components are working and laptop boot up.

    Laptop can’t turn on if any components don’t reply to the token. For every part have a different type of sound. Like missing keyboard has two or three beeps and missing RAM continuous beeping sound.

    As you describe, you have continuous beeping sound, and it may be due to faulty RAM.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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