How do I fix the USB device not recognized?

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    Zyan Herzog

    I am trying to connect my mobile phone with my laptop and every time its showing “USB device not recognized”. Usually, it worked fine but today is the first time I am facing the issue. Please, any solution?


    Judy C. Battiste

    Did you check USB cable? may be your usb cable is broken. that’s why it is not working.



    Alphonso Kassulke

    I know very well about this problem “USB device not recognized”. I have faced this problem earlier and spent lots of time on the solution. Finally, I have an exact solution for the “USB device not recognized” issue.

    This problem usually comes with the latest smartphone above android version 7. You just need to follow below simple steps and good to go.

    • Connect device that with computer USB which is not recognizing.
    • Right click on “My computer” from the desktop home screen and go to Manage.
    • Now you need to click on “Device Manager”.
    • Here you can get a yellow triangle exclamation mark anywhere like below image.

    • Right click on that yellow mark and click on uninstall.
    • Now unplug your mobile phone or USB device connected and restart both the devices. Restart your computer and restart your mobile phone.

    Now if your devices are on open your mobile phone lock and try to connect once again. This time it will install your mobile USB driver correctly and work fine.



    The USB not recognized issue can occur by the following factors.
    The currently loaded USB driver has become corrupted or unstable.

    • USB drivers need an update.
    • The USB drive may be entering selective suspend.
    • USB has some damaged files or bad sectors.
    • You have not formatted the USB Correctly.

    So to fix it, you need to take corresponding solutions like uninstalling and then reinstalling the USB driver properly.

    updating the USB driver, checking and fixing bad sectors, reformatting the USB completely via a reliable formatting method and disable the USB selective suspend feature.


    There might be any virus which doesn’t allow to connect the additional device. Some virus blocks all the connecting feature one by one after reaching into the system.

    Virus programming knows anti-virus is harmful and easily can remove it, but it is possible only when anti-virus became installed into the computer. So the virus stops all the external sources through which any defending program can be installed into the computer.

    In this situation, you have to use compact CD disc for installing anti-virus into your computer. Most of the anti-virus companies use CD disc for installing their products. After scanning with a good anti-virus problem would be solved.


    Lemuel VonRueden

    I have faced the same problem with my HP laptop. That stop recognizing my USB drive.

    I scanned my whole computer but nothing works.

    I talked to my son-in-law and he educates me to restore back the date of laptop update, I did that and my USB has started working.

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