How Do I Fix WiFi Is Not Working In My Laptop?

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    Mark C. Martin

    I have Lenovo Yago 2 Pro with 4 GB Ram. Since I purchase the last 6 month everything was fine. Yesterday it crashes and turned off. I did turn on but my Lenovo laptop won’t connect to the internet.

    What do i do now?


    Billy E. Rael

    These days, people are having wifi problem due to the outdated driver on windows ten pc. so you need to go ahead and check for wifi update instantly.

    If you find there any update, go ahead and do it.


    James L. Hammer

    Check Wifi Settings- most of the time, people face wifi is not working problem in there Lenovo laptop, just because they have turn it off by mistake.

    So I will suggest you check the wifi settings first. Make sure you have not to turn it off. If you did so? Go ahead and turn it on again.

    Check Wireless Adapter- let’s disable the wireless adapter for one minute and then enable it again. After that, let me know what can you see.

    To disable the wifi adapter, you need to follow the instructions given below.

    • Go to network and sharing center.
    • Click on change adapter settings and click on ok.
    • Now you will able to see the list of adapters; here you need to the right click on the wireless adapter and click on disable.
    • Wait for one minute and enable it again.

    Once you will enable the adapter, try to reaccess the internet. Let’s see what do you see there.

    Update the wifi driver- 

    After following all these steps, if you are still going through wifi is not working the problem on your Lenovo laptop. I will suggest you update the network adapter.

    Once you update the network adapter, after updating the network adapter, you should try to connect your Lenovo laptop to the wifi again. Let’s see what happens now.


    Alphonso Kassulke

    Before applying any changes try to turn off and turn on your wireless from the laptop.

    1. Press windows key and “R” together simultaneously.
    2. Now enter ncpa.cpl in the Run box appears on the screen and click OK.
    3. A new window name “Network Connection” will open on the screen.
    4. Here you can see some icons. Find Wireless icon and right click on it.
    5. Now click on disable and again click on enable.
    6. Now try to connect with your home wifi, it must be working.

    Joyce M Cody

    It might possible your wifi receiver was not working anymore. In this case, use an external wifi receiver. It comes in a USB format and easy to use.

    Just plug in your laptop USB port and you will start getting the wireless network signal.

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