How do I get myself fit and toned for the beach holiday?

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    Going on holiday soon and wanna look good on the beach. How do I get fit and toned around my busy schedule?

    Hope Spinka

    Hello, my friend,

    You can not get fit body within two or three days. It takes lots of effort, also avoiding fatty food. You have to keep doing exercise every day.

    Avoid heavy meal and increase the intake of water. Further, You will start getting fitness after three or four weeks. Make a disciple life and bring out time for a little exercise.

    Asa Marquardt

    There are some steps which can make you toned. Follow the steps below-

    1. First, you have to change your daily routine life. Early to bed early to rise.
    2. Complete your dinner before 8 PM and go to sleep till 9 or 9.30 PM.
    3. Avoid heavy meal at dinner and lunch.
    4. Use two tablespoon honey with lemon and water. It will reduce your fat from the body.
    5. Give at least 15 minutes to light exercise every morning.

    You follow these simple steps; it will sure tone your body.

    Mildred W Foster

    The best thing to burn out fat is jogging. I am jogging for the last two months and lose my weight from 69 Kg to 55 Kg. Its one of the best things happens in my life. Now I can wear my old clothes.

    You should also start running from today. Start your running from 1 Km, and keep increasing. I hope it will make your body fit and tone for anything.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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