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    Joyce M Cody

    I am using iPhone 6 for four years. Today I bought my new iPhone X(Max). In the manual of iPhone X, it is showing you have to log in with your apple id and your all the data, contacts, and pictures will transfer into this new one automatic.

    The problem is, I don’t know what my apple id is. Is there any place in my old iPhone I can find it. 🧐


    An Apple id is your naming in the Apple cloud server database. It saves all your information related to your iPhone, iPad, or any apple products.

    Apple uses Apple id into their every product. So you can obtain your apple id through iPhone, iPad or any other products which you are using. It might seem like “” In this “xyz” pretend as your apple id.

    As above you have iPhone 6 login with your apple id. You can get your id quickly from there. Just follow the steps below-

    Click on Settings > Select [your name]

    Click on Settings > Select iCloud (It is toward iOS 10.2 or earlier)

    These above steps will show your apple in the form of If you have any other difficulty, write in the comment below.

    Mikaela M Tarr

    You can retrieve your apple id from  to reset your Apple ID password.

    Alphonso Kassulke

    You can check your Apple id from another Apple device like an iPad or iPod. You can also find from i tunes.

    Ollie O’Keefe

    Two years before I had the same situation. I just gifted an iPhone by my mom and have no idea how to activate with my Apple iPhone id.

    I just read some articles and learn that my apple id is my iPhone id.

    Bianka Mitchell

    An Apple id is your virtual account in Apple server. Virtual accounts saved all your information like which device you are using and when. By the help of this id, you can overcome all your device information.

    While you have created apple id first time, it asked some data like your recovery phone number and emails.

    Utilize those emails and numbers to recover your forgotten Apple id.

    Javier Brown

    Three years before I forgot my apple id. Is that possible I can log in it now?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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