How Do I Replace Go Pro Crack Screen?

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    Hope Spinka

    My go pro has fallen down and the screen got broken. It is also not responding to anything. Is it possible to replace go pro broken screen? How much it would cost also from where I can buy go pro screen?


    Bryce Kutch

    Go pro is a very tiny video device. It contains lots of functions also HD recording. The hardware of Go pro is typical to repair also easy to replace.

    If any part is not in working condition first contact go pro customer service. You can also call them through 800-100-9541 (Toll-Free).


    Dr. Blaze Koepp

    I can guide you to replace go pro screen but before that, you have to be careful. If you don’t have any knowledge about tech also hardware doesn’t try this.

    I would explain you step by step about changing go pro faulty display. If you have a new display then we can start by following below points-

    1. Turn off your device and open plastic case by uncapping the black latch.
    2. Now remove the battery from the case gently using a small spudger.
    3. Once the battery is coming out, don’t snatch because there would be wire connects with the motherboard. Disconnect the wire connections between motherboard and battery from the small white adapter.
    4. Now need to disconnect the ribbon cable from the lens by lifting up the black notch and softly pull out the ribbon cable from the socket.
    5. There would be four screws through which motherboard places on a white case. You need to unscrew these tiny screws and carefully move out the motherboard with the plastic case.
    6. Remove the larger ribbon cable from the motherboard board by lifting up the black notch and pulling the ribbon cable. Now disconnect also the smaller ribbon cable connecting from the white plastic piece.
    7. You can see a small LCD stick on a plastic piece. Simply separate it from there and place a new one. Connects all the cables one by one as removed.
    8. Screw up all the tiny four screw and connects the battery with go pro motherboard. Before closing try turn on your Go Pro. If it is working fine close the open case and you are good to go.


  • Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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