How do I reset my Apple MacBook?

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    Susie Morar

    My Mac book is running very slow, and I read somewhere reset or format mac book can make it fast. I thought this website is the best place for asking this question.

    So please tell me how do I restore Mac Book factory default.


    Anastasia Crist

    Before restoring, I would like to advise you to remove unwanted programs and junk files.

    Optimize full mac book and scan with proper anti-virus protection.

    I confirm it will make your mac book fast.

    After doing all these steps still, mac book is running slow then the best option is a format or reset. Backup all your data, pictures, and files before restoring mac book because everything would have disappeared.


    Susie Morar

    I took a backup of all mac book data. After backing up, I did a scan with, but nothing found. Even after scanning its running slow.

    I should reset my mac-book now. Please tell me the natural step that I can follow.

  • Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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