How Do You Fix Waiting For Available Socket Issue In Google Chrome?

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    Kay N. Grijalva

    Whenever I am trying to open any website on my google chrome browser. It shows a completely blank page with the pop up window says , Waiting for available socket.



    Jonathon Emmerich

    Error waiting for available socket on chrome shows the delay in data transfer from server to your computer browser. It usually happens when data transfer is taking a long time than usual. Delay in data transfer and occurring available socket error may arise due to many reasons.

    Available socket error may happen between playing games, watching the video, or browsing any website. Find below the solution for waiting for available socket in different devices-

    Browser Cookies causes Error Waiting for available socket-

    The outdated browser and crash cookies may cause of error socket error. Every browsing website temporarily saves some images and cookies in the browser. Whenever saved images and cookies reach overload, then start showing waiting for available socket error.

    Steps for fixing “waiting for available socket error” by clearing cookies-

    Deleting of browser cookies can fix flush socket error and also increase the speed of the browser. For clearing, cookies click on three horizontal dots from the top right corner of your chrome browser. Go to menu settings from here and drop down the cursor.

    Now you can see option advanced in the middle of the page, click on it and dropdown. There is an option ‘Clear browsing data’, click on it and delete browsing cookies and cache.

    Steps for fixing “waiting for available socket error” by closing open sockets-

    1. Open your Google Chrome browser.
    2. Now type ‘chrome://net-internals/#dns‘ in the address bar and press Enter. You may also open directly through the link- chrome://net-internals/#dns
    3. Earlier link was used ‘chrome://net-internals’ and now changed into chrome://net-internals/#dns
    4. From the left menu select ‘Flush Socket’ and then ‘Flush socket pools’
    5. It will clear bad open sockets and fix waiting for available socket or flush socket error.

    Steps for fixing “waiting for available socket error” by updating browser settings and security-

    Open settings tab by clicking three horizontal dots from the right top corner and go to help. You can see the option ‘About Google Chrome,’ click on it. Once you clicked on it, a new page would open and start checking updates. If updates available will ask you to update your browser.

    Sometimes it will update by itself without asking permission. It depends upon the type of updates.


  • Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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