How Does VPN Works?

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    Lenore Zemlak

    I am a business traveler and need to travel around the world. I can’t open my email in another country. It will give a proxy error if I will try to open.

    My cousin also travels and she gave me the advice to use VPN for opening emails. I don’t know how to use VPN? If so you have any idea about VPN please explain something about it.


    Bryce Kutch

    Hello Lenore,

    You are absolutely right about emails. Email servers save last login information of the user. So, if you are going to change the country it won’t let you log in. Email server security is very strict on this.

    Server security understands someone like an anomalous person trying to open your email from a different country, also possible it may disable your account.

    Your cousin is right also possible she is using VPN for accessing her emails in different countries. You can easily access your emails through VPN service. Now let me explain to you about VPN service.

    VPN is called a virtual private network. It creates a private network as you like. If you want a network from the UK or USA, it will change your recent ip into a specific country.

    There are lots of VPN service providers which have different country ip network. They can easily connect your pc or mobile with that country network. Once it will connect open your email and it would also not show you any proxy error.

    You can get some free VPN server but they are not safe for use. It is highly possible either your data or password may also hack. You can use paid VPN networks. They are reliable and safe.


    Hope Spinka

    VPN provides you a temporary ip address. The IP address may from any country and state. Some VPN provider exchanges your IP with someone else also some gives a new one.

    New IP address VPN providers charge for the service. If you are going to use VPN for any private work, I will suggest you use paid VPN service otherwise free VPN can also use only for research.

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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