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    D parriera

    Can you give me the instructions to disable the popup in the browsers like- google chrome, safari , Mozilla Firefox and other popular browsers.

    Philip Steuber

    First of all, you have to mention which browser are you using. Every browser has different methods. Most people use Google Chrome. Click on three dots from the right top corner of the chrome browser. Now click on settings and from settings go to content settings. Click on pop up and redirects and select what do you want to enable or disable.

    Dr. Blaze Koepp

    Google has been updated its browser Google Chrome. Last year there were lots of fake websites which tried to compromise users information that’s why Google has blocked its pop up window. Google Chrome auto open pop up windows now is blocked due to safety reason.

    Now if you are opening any website which contains pop up, will ask permission for opening any pop-up. So no need to worry about pop up if you are using Google Chrome browser.

    Itzel Romaguera

    Every browser blocks third-party pop-ups for safety. Sometimes we install third party software and also install the unwanted extension. These unwanted extensions start prompting pop up ads.

    Resetting of browser is not the solution of unwanted pop-ups. You may get again pop up because of its targeting from the installed application. Remove third-party software and scan your whole computer with any anti-ad or anti-malware anti-virus.

    Asa Marquardt

    Recent updates of Google chrome disable the pop up running on Javascript. It happens due to security concern. Last year many hackers and virus attackers used fake virus pop-ups to scammed people.

    Google chrome has disabled java scripting or coding which initiate auto open screen on the computer. Now you have to allow yourself if you want to see pop up ads. Google won’t let you open some pop-ups, which is harmful to your computer and browsers.

    If your browser is not blocking pop up follow the steps-

    • Click on three vertical dots from the right top corner and move your cursor to Help.
    • Now click on Help, and it will start checking latest update also version of your browser. It will download and install automatically if outdated.
    • Once update will complete, restart your browser.

    I hope it will solve your issue and still have a problem, write in comment.

    Zyan Herzog

    In the market, there are lots of third-party application software, and extension is available. These plugins can easily block pop-ups and ads.

    I want to suggest you don’t use these type of ads block software even it is helpful to stop pop-ups. I am saying it because most of these ads blocking software are not safe n secure. It can store your activity and information.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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