How to Earn Money From TikTok?

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    Lemuel VonRueden

    I am a digital marketer and also earning money through affiliate marketing. I heard people are making money through TikTok. How many ways can anyone earn money on TikTok?

    James Corday

    Yes, you are right; people are making money from tiktok. The amount of money earned from tiktok is not as good as other publishing platforms like Youtube and Facebook. We can’t compare Youtube earning with Tiktok.

    There are many reasons a digital marketer never prefer tiktok for earning. The biggest drawback, officially tiktok, doesn’t have monetization. We don’t know either tiktok will start to monetize its content or not in the future.

    Now let me explain how people are earning money from tiktok:

    Making money from tiktok Live by receiving TikTok gifts-

    Tiktok has a go-live feature, but for enabling live streaming, you have to collect at least 500 to 1000 followers. In some situations, tiktok starts live streaming if you have many own creations in your account.

    Once you get the live streaming ability, people to start sending you emoji and gifts on your live video in digital form, these collections of digital gifts can redeem from your tiktok account because tiktok itself sold it to others.

    If you don’t know how to go live on tiktok or start live streaming read this article:

    Making money from tiktok Live by Brand Promotions-

    Companies and brands are trying to promote their products through creators these days. Youtube creators also do brand promotion. For doing brand promotion, companies pay them money. Brand promotion is a very trending way to earn money nowadays.

    For starting a brand promotion, you need a high number of audiences, which follows you and likes to watch your content. Once you have collected the right amount of audience, companies start following you and sending brand promotion contracts.

    Usually, these contracts reach directly through the company’s official emails or message accounts. After finalizing the deal and creating promotional content, you will get a deal’s amount.

    So, right now, there are only genuine possibilities to earn money through tiktok. In the future may, possible tiktok starts to monetize the creator’s content.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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