How To Fix AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails?

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    James L. Hammer

    Why AM I not receiving the New Emails On my AOL account? The last email came Yesterday, Since then there are no new emails on my account.

    Can someone tell me, why is my AOL mail not receiving emails?

    Brenda R. Guerro

    A few days ago, I was unable to receive the new emails on my aol account. I failed in fixing the problem by myself. Later, I called AOL Email Expert.

    They had found the problem related to the email delivery and fix it for me. You should try to reach them once.

    Gertrude Smitham

    When you can read the old emails on your account but can’t receive emails on aol account, there can be multiple reasons for this problem.

    However, it’s not a tough task to fix the problem. You can use this guide to correct the problem.

    Check the Spam and Junk Folders-

    When you are not receiving the new emails into the inbox folder, you should check the junk and spam folders.

    Do you see your new emails there? If your answer is yes?

    You have created an email filter. That’s why your new emails are skipping the inbox folder and landing into the spam or trash folder.

    In such a case, you need to delete the email filters. After that, you will start receiving emails on aol mail account.

    Check the Internet Connection –

    Is your device connected to the internet? If not, you need to connect it.

    Also, if you have slow internet, you should open the account on AOL primary mail. This is the simple aol template; it does not require high speed. So if you will use it and press the refresh button, it will sync with the aol mail server easily.

    Server Problem-

    It does not happen frequently, but sometimes, you might have an email delay issue due to the server issue.

    When aol server is overloaded, or there is an update going on. It may take some time to forward the emails to you.

    So you should ask for the server update through the aol mail support. They will tell you, either the problem is from their side or not.


    AOL Mail not receiving emails is one of the most common problems nowadays. You should not be worried about it a lot. Here, I am to help you.

    Delete the Email Filters-

    Email filters are one of the most common reasons behind aol mail not receiving emails issue.

    This filter helps you in filtering the new emails and lands them to the destination folder, but when you create any filter by mistake or you have used wrong parameters to filter the email.

    You won’t be able to receive the new emails on your devices anymore. In such a case, you have to delete the email filters first and then move your existing emails into the inbox or any other folder.

    1. Go to the AOL Mail Sign IN page and type the username and password, then press sign-in button.
    2. Now click on the options button available on the top right side corner.
    3. Press the mail settings option.
    4. Go to the filter settings.
    5. If you see any filter available, you need to click on it and press the delete button.

    Disable the Email Forwarding –

    If you can’t receive the new emails on any folder, you should check the forwarding settings.

    Some unauthorized person might have gotten the access of your account, and they have enabled the forwarding settings.

    That’s why you are unable to receive the emails on aol account.  If you find the email forwarding enabled. You need to go ahead and disable it first and then secure your aol account. You can delete them using follow the below steps.

    1. Go back to the mail settings.
    2. Click on the General settings, and select forwarding.
    3. If you see it enabled. You need to press the disable button and click on save settings.

    Email Configuration problem-

    If you can’t receive the emails on aol account using mail applications. You should check the configuration settings.

    Probably, you have configured your account with the outdated or wrong settings that are why you are not able to receive the new emails on your account.

    Here, I am sharing the correct settings for the aol account.

    IMAP configuration –

    Incoming Server name-

    Outgoing server name-

    Incoming port no- 993

    Outgoing port no- 465

    SSL Type – Yes.

    POP3  Server configuration –

    Incoming Server name-

    Outgoing server name-

    Incoming port no- 995

    Outgoing port no- 465

    SSL Type- Yes.

    This is the server configuration. You need to delete your existing account from the device and configure your account with this information.

    Disable the pop-up blocker on your browser –

    AOL mail requires POP up settings enabled. So if you have disabled it by mistake. It may cause the AOL Mail not receiving emails problem. So you need to go ahead and allow the email forwarding settings.

    Gertrude Smitham

    You should try to log in your account on another web browser that you haven’t used yet for the AOL mail activity.

    If you can see the new emails arriving in your account on that browser, this means the issue is related to browser settings.

    So first of all, you need to optimize the browser. After that, you should check for the java update and enable the pop-up settings.

    After doing this, you will fix the can’t receive emails on aol account problem.

    Kay N. Grijalva

    Fix AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails On AOL Account-

    If you can’t receive emails on aol using outlook or any third-party application. Firstly, you should check the account configuration.

    If account settings are correct, then you need to check to follow the instructions given below.

    Turn Off the Mail Firewall & security software-

    Sometimes, the firewall or antivirus might be blocking the outgoing connection. That’s why your outlook not able to sync with the server. As a result, your aol mail not receiving emails.

    So turn off the firewall settings for a while, and then try to load the page again. Let’s see this time if it is working this time or not.

    Remove the expired antivirus –

    An expired antivirus can be the enemy of a secure connection for the email application. So if you have any expired antivirus available into your computer. You need to remove it from your computer.

    Check for the Update-

    Never forget to check update for the mail application. Maybe there is an update available. That’s why your mail application is not working fine.

    You can find the update on Microsoft’s official website.

    Judy C. Battiste

    I am not receiving the emails on my aol using the Microsoft outlook 2013. While If I log in my account on Google chrome. I can see emails there.

    But when I click the send & receive on outlook. It does not download the new emails and shows me send& receive an error.

    What should I do to fix aol mail not receiving emails?

    Donato VonRueden

    Why AM I unable to receive the emails that have images or links-

    If somebody attaches an image or URL into the mail. I cannot receive them. Can you tell me where are they going? And how can I get them back?

    Kay N. Grijalva

    Well, if you cannot receive emails with the attached files. That means you have enabled the spam settings on your aol account.

    That’s why those emails are directly going to the junk folder.

    In order to fix this kind of problem, you need to disable the spam settings using the instructions given below.

    1. Go to the aol mail account.
    2. Click on the spam folder.
    3. Now open the email and click on not spam

    Also, go to the spam settings and disable the images option.

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