How To Fix My Hp Printer is Offline Problem? HP Printer Says Offline Windows 10

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    Kay N. Grijalva

    My hp printer says offline for some weird reasons. I don’t know what happened? It was working fine until last night. But today, Whenever I am trying to print anything from any computer.

    It gives me an error says, Hp printer is offline.


    James L. Hammer

    About a week ago, I was unable to print from my printer. That time, I called Printer Expert At Toll-free- 1800-301-8767. She has fixed the problem. You should also call them once.

    Generally, People notice the Hp printer says offline error message due to the few common reasons.

    • Network or connection issue.
    • Driver problem.
    • Printer issue.

    I am giving guidance below about how do you fix the hp printer offline problem by yourself.

    Basic Techniques to fix HP printer offline problem-

    • The printer must in the wake-up mode, not in the sleep or idle mode.
    • Now reboot your printer and wait for a minute. Now try to print something.
    • Cancel all pending print jobs from devices and printers also reboot your laptop or computer once.
    • If your printer connects with USB, unplug the printer from your computer and plug it into the other port of the machine.
    • If you are using a wireless printer, you need to ensure that your printer is connected to the wifi properly.

    After examining all these things, still not printing anything and giving you an offline error message, proceed to the next steps given below.

    Advance guide to fix hp printer is an offline problem-

    Check Network Connection –

    In my service time, I have seen so many people dealing with the hp printer is an offline problem to the network connection issue.

    Generally, they connect their computer and printer with different networks. That’s why they are not able to print anything from their printers and receive printer an offline error message.

    That’s why you need to check the connection first. Make sure your printer and computer connect through the same network and pinging successfully.

    Setup Hp printer as a default Printer –

    When you have installed multiple printers into your computer, it might be possible; you are giving print command to the wrong printer.

    It may also be the reason for hp printer offline error message.

    In This Situation go to the printer properties from the computer and select your hp printer as a default printer.

    1. Go to the control panel by searching in the taskbar and open devices and printers.
    2. Now right-click on the hp printer properties and checkmark on Set as default printer.

    Now try to print something from your computer. Let’s see if it is printing now or not?

    Restart the printer pool service-

    If you are still acquiring the hp printer says offline error message, restart the printer pool service once.

    1. Go to the service manager.
    2. Right-click on print spooler services and click on properties.
    3. Now click on the reboot button.

    These above steps will solve your HP printer offline error related to software or driver glitch.


    Judy C. Battiste

    When you get, the hp printer is an offline error message; It would help if you did the following things:

    Check for the driver update-

    Let’s begin with checking the driver update. You might have an outdated printer driver. A printer driver helps to connect and operate print command successfully. Your printer creates an offline printing problem if the printer driver is not up to date.

    So first of all, you should go to the device manager on your computer and right-click on your hp printer.

    Now you need to click on check for the driver update. If there is any printer driver update is available, your printer will update it automatically.

    Disable the security-

    Many times, people get the hp printer says offline error message due to firewall security reasons.

    So it would help if you disabled the antivirus and firewall for a while and then try to print something from your printer. Let’s see if your printer is allowing you to print or still giving you the offline error message.

    Uninstall the printer driver-

    If you have already tried all these instructions but still your hp printer keeps giving the offline error, Uninstall printer driver from the computer.

    After uninstalling the existing version of the driver, install a newer version of the printer driver into your computer.

    Once you complete the installation process successfully, you will get rid of hp printer says offline error message.


    Johnny L. Gruber

    Did you try to run the HP scan doctor on your PC? If you have not run it yet. You should run it once.

    This tool helps in identifying the problem. Once it detects the problem, it will also show you an option to fix the problem.

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