How To Fix Sound Not Working On Asus Laptop?

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    Barbara R. Colbert

    How do you fix Asus laptop sound not working issue? When it stopped working all of a sudden.
    Please share the troubleshooting steps because I am also going through no sound issue on an Asus laptop.

    Sue A. Davis

    First of all, you should reboot your asus laptop, and then play a music file again. Let’s see if you can hear the audio or not?

    During the time, also check the speaker icon on your laptop. Do you see a mute sign?

    You should go ahead and unmute the volume.

    James L. Hammer

    Troubleshoot The Asus laptop audio issue:

    If you are going through Asus laptop no sound problem, follow the steps available below. 

    Unmute the sound- 

    Please make sure you have not muted the sound by mistake. To unmute the music, you may press the sound button (you will see a speaker icon on it) on your keyboard or follow the steps given below. 

    • Click on the speaker icon available in the task manager. 
    • Now you will see the volume bar, click on the mute icon or raise the volume. 

    Also, raise the volume on your laptop, and then play a music file again. 

    Plugin the earphones or external speakers- 

    If you don’t see a mute icon on your laptop, but still sound not working on Asus laptop. You should insert the headphones or earphones into your computer. Now play music again. 

    Let’s see do you hear any sound from it or not? 

    If you can hear the sound through external speakers or earphones, it means there is something wrong with the sound settings, or you’re built-in speakers are faulty. 

    In this case, you may visit: why do i have no sound on Asus laptop through built-in speakers? 

    Update the sound driver – 

    Please make sure your Asus laptop is using the latest sound driver if not, you need to go ahead and update the audio driver on your computer. 

    To update the sound driver, you may follow the instructions given below. 

    • Go to the device manager (open run box >> type devmgmt.msc and press ok ). 
    • Click on the sound, game controller option (expand it). 
    • Right-click on your sound driver and press the updated driver software option. 
    • Choose the search automatically for audio updated software option. 
    • Now your computer will start finding the latest update for itself and install it. 

    Remove the duplicate drivers- 

    If you have a sound not working issue on Asus laptop with windows 10 os. Please make sure you do not have duplicate audio driver into your windows 10 pc. 

    This is the most common reason for no sound on Asus laptop windows ten pc. In this case, you need to uninstall the audio drivers from your Asus laptop. 

    • Go back to the device manager on your Windows 10 laptop. 
    • Click on the sound, video controller again. 
    • Right-click on your sound driver and click on uninstall. 
    • Click on ok. 
    • Once you remove the one driver from your laptop, you need to remove the other drivers as well. 

    After removing the sound driver, you need to restart the laptop once. It will automatically find the best driver for itself. 

    So you can go ahead and play a video or music now. 

    Uninstall the latest windows update- 

    Sometimes, you may have “Asus laptop no sound issue” due to the windows update, when windows couldn’t update itself correctly. It may interrupt some services, including sound issue. 

    In such a case, you should uninstall the recent windows update using the instructions available below. 

    • Go to the program and features ( open run box >> type appwiz.cpl >> ok )
    • Click on the View installed updates. 
    • Now you will able to see the list of updates; you need to select the recent update and click on uninstall.

    Restart the audio services- 

    After following the above instructions, if you are still dealing with the sound not working on Asus laptop issue. 

    You should restart the audio services from the service manager. 

    To do so, you may follow the steps given below. 

    • Go to the service manager (open run box >> type services.msc >> click ok)
    • Scroll down and click on windows audio. 
    • Press the restart button. 

    Finally, your audio service will restart. You may go ahead and trying to play an audio file now. 

    Kay N. Grijalva

    I would suggest you just factory restore your computer using the details given below. It will resolve the audio problem. 

    1. Open the command prompt and type rstrui.exe, press enter button. 
    2.  Now you will see the system restore window, click on next. 
    3. Select the date when the sound was working fine on your laptop and click on next. 
    4. Finally, you will reach to the option, where it will ask you for the confirmation, click on yes. 

    Now the system restores process will start. It may take some time. So you have to leave your computer free until that time. 

    Once your Asus laptop restores itself, you will get the home screen back. 

    Let me know if it has resolved the sound problem on the Asus laptop or not? 

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