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    Barbara R. Colbert

    About six years ago, I made a yahoo email account, and I was using it on my Windows 7 computer.

    Nowadays, I have to travel a lot, so I want to configure it on my phone as well. But the problem is yahoo mail is not working on my iPhone.

    Each time I try to set up my yahoo account, it displays an error that says Yahoo can’t connect to the server.

    So my question is, why does my iPhone won’t connect to the yahoo mail server?

    Varun Tiwari

    When you can access your yahoo mail account on the iPhone or computer, but it is not working on the iPhone.

    You should follow the instructions given below to troubleshoot the issue.

    Check cellular data or wifi connection –

    Did you enable the mobile data on your iPhone? If not, you have to go ahead and will allow it. So your phone can get connected to the internet.

    • Go to the settings.
    • Tap on the cellular.
    • Switch on the cellular data.

    If you don’t have internet service on your phone, you may connect your iPhone to the wireless network and then try to access the yahoo account on it.

    Re-setup your yahoo account on iPhone-

    If you have enabled the cellular data, but still yahoo mail not working on iPhone. You should remove the account and re-setup it using the auto settings.

    To remove the yahoo account from the iPhone, you have to follow the instructions given below-

    • Go to the settings into your iPhone.
    • Click on mail, contacts, and calendars.
    • Tap on the yahoo account.
    • Scroll down and press the delete (remove) account button.
    • Once you click on remove the account,  you will see a confirmation message, click on remove or ok (whatever you can see there. ).

    After removing the yahoo account from your iPhone, you should add your yahoo account again into your iPhone, using the instructions given below.

    • Go back to the mail, contacts, and calendars on your iPhone.
    • Click on the add account button.
    • Select yahoo! As your email service provider.
    • Type the email address, your name, and your password.
    • Now press the next button.
    • Now you will get the services option, here, you need to choose all yahoo service (email, contacts, calendars) that you want to sync.
    • Finally, your account would connect successfully to the iPhone.

    Update the Mail application-

    Let’s check for an app update, and maybe your app is outdated. That’s why it can’t sync to the yahoo mail server.

    So you should check for the recent update. Once you update your application, you should try to re-access your account.

    Install the official yahoo account- 

    If you have tried all these instructions, but you are still your yahoo mail account is not working on iPhone.

    You should install the official yahoo app from the app store, and configure your account on it.

    If you still face the sign-in problem, you may visit: how to fix yahoo mail sign in issues problems.

    Eldridge Emard

    Talking about the most fundamental issue behind yahoo mail not working on iPhone is a configuration issue.

    If you don’t correctly put your account information, iPhone won’t be able to communicate with the yahoo mail server.

    So you should check the yahoo email address and login password. After that, you should try to connect with your yahoo account.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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