How To Keep Laptop’s Battery Life In Good Condition?

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    Blanca Bergnaum

    I bought a second battery in two years for my laptop. Is there any way I can increase the life of my laptop’s battery?

    Alphonso Kassulke

    There are few important points which can increase the life of your laptop battery. I am sharing these points below-

    • Maximum use of battery decreases the life of a battery. Avoid Maximum use of the battery. Dim your laptop brightness, don’t run maximum commands at a time.
    • Never do overcharge your battery. If laptop indicator shows the battery is full unplug the charger.
    • Once in a week fully discharge your battery and then do a full charge. It will activate all the parts and chemicals inside from the battery.
    • Avoid using different-different chargers for charging. It decreases the life of the battery.
    • Don’t make it fall your battery from anywhere. The battery is made up of many small-small cells. Falling may be damage any cell.


    Bianka Mitchell

    Laptop battery made up of cells. Usually, 6 or more than six cells combine in a series and form a shape of the battery.

    Each battery combines and makes a big power source. This power is enough for running a laptop.

    A battery life depends upon cells life and cell depends on the chemical base. Every cell is made up of chemicals. These chemicals complete a chemical reaction and produce a small amount of energy.

    It’s just like a transformation of energy from chemical to electric. This reaction decay the characteristic of chemicals. If we don’t use the battery it decays slowly but decays.

    So, every battery has a fixed life period. We can increase it by not using but never can stop to decay.


    Itzel Romaguera

    The best way to increase your battery life is to avoid using fake chargers. Lots of people use a non-branded charger rather than the original charger.

    The company makes a charger according to the battery, also its power. Other brand’s charger can overcharge the original battery. Overcharge may reduce the life of the battery.

    Zyan Herzog

    In this digital world, 8 out of 10 people are using computers. There is two most preferred way to connects in the digital world. First one is a desktop and the second is the laptop.

    The number of laptop users is increasing day by day. With the use of a laptop, people are facing lots of issues in it. The most common problem is draining laptop’s battery life. There is much reason behind the decay of battery life very fast, and we can cure it also.

    Let starts with the reason for decreasing battery life-

    • People complaints their battery is getting drain very fast compare than charging time. It happens when your operating system has lots of heavy application or running hidden in the background. Running background application slows down the performance of your whole laptop.
    • Avoid using multiple chargers. We have noticed in a group or company seminar people doesn’t care about their charger and start using other laptop chargers. I want to tell you it’s very harmful, even dangerous. Your battery may blast.
    • You should not use your laptop in extreme heat and extreme cold. A computer is made for use on room temperature if we do use above or below may damage its components.
    • Never let your battery in deep discharge. It decreases battery life. Deep discharge means your battery is at 1% or about to die and you keep using. It will suddenly cut the power supply at 0%. In this situation, never start your laptop and as soon as possible charge your battery. If you are doing lately, it may permanently damage your battery.
    • You have to understand battery has a fixed life. You can not use it like an immortal. Apart from that, you can decrease the life of the battery. Avoid high brightness and contrast it consume lots of energy. Turn on your screen saver and sleep mode and Use a black color theme or wallpaper. Uninstall unwanted software from the computer.
    Philip Steuber

    All the answers are very well described in the laptop’s battery life. Almost everything has covered about protecting battery life. I want to add two more points from my side. It may help anyone to protect the battery from the fast drain issue.

    Upgrade your laptop memory from HDD to SDD-

    HDD works on a small spinning motor which causes extra consuming energy rather than SDD. Latest laptops are coming with SDD.

    On the other had a solid state drive(SDD) works like a big memory mobile card. It doesn’t have a spinning motor for consuming battery energy. Anyhow it will increase the battery life.

    Remove unused devices-

    We connect lots of external devices or peripheral with the laptop. Some are like pen drive, any flash drive, Mobile, USB DVD drive, Online printer, and many more.

    Unused devices keep consuming the power of a battery. You should turn off blue tooth also. It doesn’t matter power saving quantity is tiny, but we are talking about saving battery.

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