How to make conditioner at home?

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    Is there any natural conditioner which I can use at home? I don’t want to use chemicals products.


    Philip Steuber

    Home remedies are best for human bodies. If people will start using home remedies, never face any health-related problems. Today I will explain about using conditioning your hair at home.

    There are lots of common home products can we use for hair conditioner. Read the steps below-

    • Mix Mayonnaise with egg and vinegar together in a bowl. Apply gently on your hair and wash with normal water. Don’t use warm water it may turn an egg into white particles.
    • Honey, milk and olive oil mixture can also use as a conditioner for hair.
    • Mix Aloe vera with olive oil and apply on your hair after a bath. It works as a healthy conditioner.
    • Curd and lemon one of the best anti-dandruff products for hair.



    Anastasia Crist

    Using beer into hair one of the best conditioner also good for growth. Beer contains such particles which are very good for hair. If you are using beer as a conditioner it will give you good shine and smoothness in hair.


    Asa Marquardt

    Break two or three eggs and collect its white liquid also called albumen part. Remove yellow yogurt from the bowl by using a spoon.

    Now apply albumen liquid gently on your hair. It is a good source of lubricants and works as a great conditioner for hair. Some people use yolk ( yellow part) also in hair with albumen. The yolk is a good source of protein and vitamin nutrition for hair.


    Lenore Zemlak

    There are many natural remedies which use as a conditioner. I will explain to you some of them. Find below the name and process of making conditioner at home-

    Banana is best for damage and frizzled hair. Its conditioning feature gives a lot of help in repairing damaged hair.

    Take one banana in the pot with four tablespoons of honey, four tablespoons of cow milk, four tablespoons of olive oil and a fresh egg.

    You have to mix all of them and make a paste.

    Apply the paste on hair properly with each hair separately. Now leave it for 20 to 30 minutes.

    Wash the hair with normal water and remove the applied paste. Let dry your hair. Don’t comb your hair in a wet situation. It may cause the root damage of hair.


    Mildred W Foster

    I have an excellent remedy for hair conditioner. My family is using it for the last 10 years, and we never use any extra thing for hairs. The result, my grandma, has complete silky hair, and she is 88 years old.

    It is my grandma recipe, and it makes hair naturally healthy. Hair needs protein, and moisture. If we do complete this moisture, it won’t fall.

    Let’s start with the recipe without wasting time-

    • Take one cup of organic coconut oil. You can get organic coconut oil in a medical shop.
    • Mix 10 Vitamin E capsule’s liquid in this one cup of coconut oil. You can get vitamin E capsule also from a medical shop.
    • Mix both properly and apply a small amount of this mixture on your hair after shampoo wash in wet position.
    • You can leave hair as it is or washes with normal water after 10 minutes, it depends upon you.
    • After applying it for two or three times you will get remarkable shining in your hair.
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