How to protect from dengue?

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    Susie Morar

    I have transferred in the outer area. There is a huge number of mosquito in this area. The report says every week at least one dengue patient found. How can I protect my family from dengue?


    Protection from dengue-

    1. Use mosquito net. It will protect you and your children not from dengue even from any insects.
    2. Do not allow water to be collected anywhere. Empty cooler, tires, buckets, plats, bamboo whole and other places where water can be collected.
    3. Wear full sleeves dresses at night.
    4. Avoid evening and night walk in mosquito’s areas.
    5. Use mosquito repellent before going out or garden and playgrounds.
    6. Clean home and nearby home area properly at least once in a month. Ask your local authority for mosquito fogging.
    7. Never use any medicine by yourself. Always ask the doctor.
    Itzel Romaguera

    Clean home every day with permethrin or any disinfect liquid.

    Close windows and doors after evening and avoid opening window before sunrise properly.

    In a survey finds, dengue mosquito usually attacks below area like legs. So wear full sleeves pants.

    If you are getting fever never use any medicine without doctor’s prescription.


    Blanca Bergnaum

    You can protect from dengue mosquito by using insects repellents but these repellents are like slow poison.

    Mosquito repellents are very harmful to bodies either cream or any type of repellents. Cream causes skin cancer if you are using for a long time.

    Some repellents are available in smoke form. It uses liquid and solid coils. Smoke created from these repellents contents carbon mono oxide and poison.

    These smoke easily kill mosquito but not us, but it is very dangerous for lungs and causes many diseases.

    So I would like to advise you go with herbal products or best use mosquito net.

    Alphonso Kassulke

    Blanca, you are right, long time use of these mosquito repellents are very harmful to us. Use mosquito net it is best. I heard some natural remedies which work against the mosquito.

    I would love to share which I heard maybe it can help someone.

    Neem has the best antibacterial quality. It is a plant which usually finds in tropical area’s country. Its every part is very effective against bacteria and fungus.

    If you are applying neem oil on the body mosquito will away from you.

    Tribal and villagers burn neem leaves(green) and produce smoke. Neem smoke kills every type of bacterias in the air. It purifies the air and kills the mosquito.

    Neem is full of blessings if you want more about neem benefits read here

    Bryce Kutch

    Use electric mosquito racket and kill all the mosquito. First close all the windows and doors then kill all the mosquito using the electric racket.

    Mosquito killer lamp is one of the good solutions for mosquito protection. You can buy it from any store or online websites.

    Tammy R Fauver

    Mosquito killer lamp looks like a great product. I have searched about it online. Lots of people have recommended for this.

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