How to remove toxic from my body?

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    Javier Brown

    I am getting black patches on my skin. My parlor lady said to remove toxins from your body, you have much toxic in the body.

    First, I want to know “what is toxins” and how it came in my body. Detox charge is very high I can’t afford it. Is there any cheap and easy way to detox?


    Bryce Kutch

    Toxic is a slow poison for the human body. Day by day people is using chemical fertilizer in food production. These fertilizer are very harmful and treated as toxic poison.

    Toxic poison cam in many ways. If we are using chemical based foods or medicine. Anything which is made by using chemical hold some amount of toxic poison.

    Someone said the cure is much better than medicine. If we will stop using toxic based food is the best protection for us. The body always removes toxic and bad waste in the form of urine, sweating, and stool.

    Our body filtration system is very advance. It removes maximum toxic from the body. Just we have to care against toxic foods. Regularly doing exercise is a good way to remove toxins from the body and keep you fit.


    Blanca Bergnaum

    Nature mother has given lots of best remedies to humans. Some eatable things can flush out the toxin from our body. There are a list of those foods below-

    • Lemons, Oranges, and Limes are one of best antitoxin behavior. Use these products every day of your life.
    • Garlic produces detoxification enzymes that filter toxin from the digestive systems. Use garlic in your food.
    • Broccoli Sprouts contains high antioxidants. Using of Broccoli sprouts reduces toxins remarkably.
    • Green tea is one the easiest way to reduce the toxins. Start using green tea in place of coffee or usual tea.

    Tammy R Fauver

    Eat or drink Tulsi leaves every day. Use Tulsi leaves into their food. It is one of the best remedies for anti-cancer therapy.


    Ollie O’Keefe

    Exercise is the best way to remove the unwanted toxin from our body. 15 minutes tough exercise create lots of sweating in the body. Unwanted toxin and minerals which are not good for body come out through sweating.

    Remember one thing you should keep drinking water with sweating otherwise it may cause dehydration. So increase the intake of water.



    Let’s first try to understand what is detoxification? Our body is constantly subjected to toxins coming from polluted air, water, adulterated food and our frequent visit to Fast food chains for the burger, pizza.

    Detoxification is a process of removing these toxins from our body by bringing some changes in lifestyle and by performing kriyas and Mudras.

    Our body is in the process of detoxification at any time. The major organs of the excretory system are the lungs, kidney, liver, skin and small intestine. They are designed to excrete the toxins from our body in the form of urine, defecate and sweat. However, sometimes when the toxins are too high, these organs losses its efficiency and hence the process of detoxification slows down and that leads to various health problems.

    We, humans, have the privilege to choose our food but we tend to choose the food that is not harmonious with our species. Moreover, we alter the chemistry by processing and cooking. Many of these food forms mucous in the body.

    All these mucous forming substances will slow down the elimination of the toxins. This blocks proper cellular respiration and eventually, the cell loses its ability to function.

    Our body is always in the process of detox. Sometimes when the toxins are too high, the process of cleaning your toxins and mucous can create symptoms such as cold, fever, headache, tiredness which in your case is the dark patches

    Imagine if you stock your car with bad quality of fuel, will it work? It might work, but over time, it will break down. Our body works in the same way.

    Ideally, one should detox twice a year.

    The best season to plan your detox is during spring or Autumn as it prepares the body for Summer and winter respectively.

    Now the question is how should and how long should you detox.

    So one week before taking the detox diet plan for weight loss, eliminate alcohol, coffee, tea, refined sugar, and junk food. These causes toxins that hamper your healing process. You can plan the detox for 5 days

    For 5 days, Restrict your diet to fruits and vegetables only. Include following in your diet

    • Lot’s of vegetable soups and salad
    • fruits
    • Drink detox water. Put lemon, cucumber, mint in water and leave it for some hours.
    • drink lots of coconut water, lemon water

    Along with the diet, engage in some mild physical activity like deep breathing, walk or yoga.


    Mildred W Foster

    I had used toxic removal pad nine months before. In my teenage, I was an addict of the party and late-night outing. It makes my body unhealthy and full of the toxin.

    One day I was severely ill and had to admit in the hospital. Doctors told me my body toxin level is very high. They did lots of treatment and made me fine.

    After discharging from hospital doctors given me a toxic pad and that I had to use for the next three months, I had to paste the toxic pad in my leg every day. You can use a toxic pad under your doctor supervision.

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