How to replace the Broken screen on Oppo

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    Brenda R. Guerro

    I have broken my oppo reno 10x phone’s screen by mistake. So I want to replace it. Can I do it at home or should I visit the service center?


    Asa Marquardt

    Oppo Reno 10x is the latest phone from Oppo company. If you have bought this phone, I am sure you have a guarantee on it. First of all, try to contact Oppo service center.

    If you want to replace the screen by yourself follow the instructions below-

    • Power off and take out SIM card tray.
    • Remove the back cover by heating hot air gun on the back cover after warming use any ultra-thin plastic card to remove adhesive.
    • After opening back cover, unscrew the screw from the hardback plastic body.
    • Remove hardback and unplug the battery by removing strip wire from the motherboard.
    • Unscrew the motherboard and remove other parts like camera and antenna.
    • Use hot air gun on the front screen corner and remove broken screen. You can use ultra-thin plastic for removing it.
    • Once the cover is open, clean adhesive properly from the case.
    • Now, carefully put a new screen in the place of the old screen also blow little amount of hot air.
    • Let it cool and place all other parts as it was before with screwing it carefully. You have to be very careful at this point.
    • Once everything is screwed, turn on your mobile and check screen and touch.
    • Further, check all other functions of the mobile like calling, camera, voice, speaker.

    If do you have any problem, write your complaint below in the comment section.

  • Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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