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    Kay N. Grijalva

    My Brother Printer is not responding? I did some research on the internet. there, people are asking me to reset the brother printer once. But i don’t know, how to do it? Can you tell me the process to reset the printer?

    Harold E. Claypool

    Here is the process to factory restore the brother printer. you can use it to reset your own brother printer.

    1. Press the On / Off button to turn off the printer.
    2. Now press and hold the Go button available on the printer itself.
    3. While you need to hold the go button. you need to turn on the printer.
    4. Once, All three lights on your printer will be up. you need to release the go button.
    5. Now press the go button 10 times and wait until all lights will be up.

    Finally, your printer will be up. you can go ahead and reconfigure it to print the documents. in case, if you need help to fix the not responding problem. you may visit: how to fix brother printer not responding problem?

    Judy C. Battiste

    If you want to reset the network settings only, you can follow the instructions given below.

    1. Power on your brother printer.
    2. Press the menu button and go to the network
    3. Use down button to go to the reset network option.
    4. Now you will get the confirmation message. You need to press 1.
    5. Once again press 1 to begin the restore process.
    6. Finally, your printer will reboot itself, and it will reset the network settings.
    Kay N. Grijalva

    Thank you for showing your interest in helping me, But My printer was still not working fine after resetting it.
    So I consulted with my friend. He told me, My machine is old. That’s why it is not working fine.
    That’s why I bought a new printer for myself.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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