How To Setup Brother Printer Using USB or Wireless Connection.

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    Varun Tiwari

    My daughter gifted me a brother wireless printer. I don’t know how to install it into my network. Can someone provide me brother printer setup guide?


    Wilhelm O’Conner

    nowdays, Printers are coming with advanced technology and user-friendly. Anyone can easily set up without lots of technical knowledge. These printers contain very impressive graphically setup, you just need to follow those instructions. Read the steps given below and I am sure it will help you.

    First, unbox the printer and find out all the peripheral given in the box. Most printers come with a printer, a printer power adapter, a USB-AB cable, and printer setup cd.

    Now connect USB-AB cable between your printer and computer. Connect power adapter with printer and turn it on. Make sure all the packing paper and plastic are removed from the printer.

    After turning on the power supply printer will start some function for the first time. It makes some moving sound inside it. Now insert printer setup cd in the computer and run the setup file. You have to just follow the instructions given on the screen and your printer would ready to print.


    Curtis Vaillancour

    Basically, Brother Printer setup process is very easy. You don’t need technical knowledge about it. All you need to do, just follow the given instructions, your printer will be successfully installed.

    1.    Start with connecting your brother printer to the power. You need to connect the power cord into your printer and connect it to the power socket. Now turn on the printer.

    2.    Let’s go to the Network settings, and connect your printer to the WiFi. For more information, you can visit: how to connect brother printer to the WiFi.

    3.    Once your printer will be connected to the WiFi. It’s time to set up your brother printer. For that, you need to insert the printer setup disk into your PC. If you don’t have a printer setup disk. You can easily download the brother printer driver from brother’s official website.

    4.    When you will run the setup. You will get the license agreement window. Here, you need to choose the select the license agreement and click on next. Now you will reach to the connection type window. Here, you need to select the wireless network and press the next button.

    5.    Now your PC will try to find the available printer in the network. Once you will able to see your printer in the list. You need to simply select it and press the next button again.

    6.    Finally, your PC will start installing the driver. This process will take some time. Till that time, you have to wait. Once your printer will be successfully installed. You may go ahead and try to print a test paper.

  • Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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