Is it possible to repair a fuse LED Bulb?

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    Bianka Mitchell

    I have a Philips LED bulb and it got the fuse. Someone told you can repair fuse bulb. Is it possible?


    Michael E Wilber

    Yes, you can easily repair fuse LED bulbs. In a LED bulb many small LEDs connects in a series format. So, the connection will break if one small led will fuse.

    You just need to remove fuse led bulbs also complete the connection again. As soon connection will complete all the bulbs will start emitting again.

    There is one problem here, in most of the cases, other bulbs start fusing due to high voltage distributed between small LEDs. If you can replace fuse small led, it can do something good.


    Lemuel VonRueden

    Yes, you can repair fuse LED bulbs. Before telling you steps I would like to tell you it is not the success. You can start your fuse LED bulb but not sure till how much it would blow.

    LED bulbs are sets of many small led’s. These small LEDs are connected in a series and if one bulb gets fuse series would break. It causes a break in electricity flow. If we removed fuse led between the series by connecting another two points bypassing fuse led, it will start working again.


    Asa Marquardt

    Yes, it is possible to repair a fuse LED bulb but I would like to say it’s not useful. Refurbished LED bulb doesn’t work long. It may fuse within a few seconds or minutes.

    Better to buy a new one because nowadays it is not so costly.

  • Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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