Dell Laptop Screen Doesn't Work On The First Boot

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    I’m facing with a strange phenomena.

    When I turn my laptop on, the screen doesn’t work (it still black), later I turn it off (press and hold the power button). Now I turn it on again suddenly it works fine. This is happenings also every time.

    What is wrong with my laptop? is it having a problem with cable either screen or main board?

    My laptop is dell 6420. It is quite old now (purchased in 2011)



    Ollie O’Keefe

    Lots of people in the world are facing the same issue. Sometimes their laptop turns on in a single attempt and sometimes it is taking more than 20 minutes.

    Actually, nobody can say where is the problem also its solution. Some tech guy says its virus problem plus windows update issue.

    Recently few tech giants release their notes about this issue. According to them its BIOS software problem. BIOS company is working on it but there is no official statement.

    Till the time keep patience also leave your computer to boot up automatically after pressing the power button. I will also update you once getting any news regarding this problem.


    Zyan Herzog

    Connect your laptop with any LAN internet cable. Restart your laptop when are getting internet with LAN cable. Now go to BIOS settings by pressing DEL or Delete key. Some laptop companies also use F2 for opening BIOS settings.

    Here you need to find BIOS version and update it. If you have any BIOS issue it will solve after updating the BIOS. You have to careful during the update, the internet should not disconnect or any obstacle during this time.


    Hope Spinka

    I have the same problem with my sony laptop. I have a Sony Vaio VPCE series laptop. Many times it took more than 20 minutes to start. Is there any suggestion for it?

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