Need Help To Fix Brother Printer Says Offline Or Keeps Going Offline Issue?

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    Mark C. Martin

    My brother printer says offline on windows 10 and mac pc, while it is connected through the wifi network. 

    This error message is coming from the last two days. Is there any technician, who can help me in fixing the brother printer keeps going offline problem? 

    Therese Murray

    Quick and easy way to get your brother printer says offline problem – 

    1. Firstly, You should check the connection between the brother printer and router. They should be connected with each other. 
    2. If you use your printer as a local printer, you need to unplug the USB cable from your computer and printer, wait for one minute and then plug it back in. 
    3. Cancel all print pending jobs, and then make a test print again. 
    4. Let’s copy something on your printer do see, it is copying fine or not? 
    Sue A. Davis

    According to my technical experience, a brother printer may start displaying the offline error due to the network, or hardware issues. 

    So here, I am sharing the troubleshooting step one by one, you should follow them in the sequence until you will get your brother printer online. 

    Step 1- wake up your printer

    ensure that your printer is not in the sleep or idle mode. If your brother printer will be in sleep mode or idle mode.

    It will display the orange or amber light on your printer. 

    In the following case, you should wake up your printer by pressing the power button. You will get a green or blue power light. 

    Which means, your printer will be ready to print. 

    So you should print something now. 

    Step 2- Boot up the network devices, and printer- 

    Sometimes, people may get the brother printer says offline error due to the network issue.

    The device might not be able to communicate with each other in the network. That’s why you might be getting the offline error message. 

    So you should power cycle your printer, computers and network access point once. 

    1. Firstly, Power off the router, printer completely. 
    2. Now power off your windows 10 and MacBook pc completely. 
    3. Let’s restart your router first, and wait for 1 minute then power on your brother printer. 
    4. Now wait for a couple of minutes, and then turn on your laptop. 
    5. Just wait for a while, now try to print something. 

    Step 3- Check the network connection:

    This is the most obvious reason behind the brother printer offline issue. When your printer is placed far from the network access point (wifi router). 

    It may not be able to maintain the proper connection. 

    So you should inspect a few things. 

    1. Is the brother wifi printer connected to your wifi network? 
    2. Please verify that your windows computer, mac, and the printer is connected through the same wireless network. 
    3. All of your devices (including printer) should have good wifi signal quality. In case, if it has poor quality. You may get the offline error message on that device. 

    In case, if you are unable to get your printer connected through the wifi, you may visit:

    why does my brother printer won’t connect to wifi?

    Step 4- set your brother printer as default wireless printer- 

    Please make sure that you have chosen your brother wireless printer as a default printer. 

    Maybe you are giving the print command to the wrong printer. That’s why you are getting the offline error message. 

    So you should select your brother printer as a default printer and then start printing something. 

    For Windows users- 

    1. Get into the control panel. 
    2. Click on the printers and hardware options. 
    3. Right-click on your brother printer property. 
    4. Select brother as a default printer. 

    Step 5- reinstall the printer: 

    If you are still encountering the brother printer keeps going offline problem on windows 10 or mac pc. You should think of removing the printer property, and reinstall it using the latest printer driver

    You should uninstall the printer driver from your computer, and set up it with the new driver. 

    If you need more assistance with the installation process. You may read the guide for brother printer setup

    Brenda R. Guerro

    A few months ago, I was having the offline error message on my brother printer. It was because of expired antivirus. 

    My antivirus was blocking the communication between the computer and the printer. That’s why the printer status was always offline on my computer. 

    So I had to uninstall the antivirus from my computer, then my printer had started working completely working fine. 

    As per your case, you should also check the antivirus settings.

    Just disable it for a while, and then try to print, If it can print without any issues. It means your problem is resolved.

    Philip Steuber

    If you are getting the brother printer offline error message on your Windows 10 computer, you should cancel the pending print jobs. 

    Now restart the printer pool services using the steps given below. 

    1. Type services.msc in the windows search box >> select services. 
    2. Scroll down and select printer pool service
    3. Finally, click on the restart button.

    Once you will restart the services,  it will bring your brother printer online for your pc, you may try to print something now. 

    Lenora K. Yager

    Troubleshoot brother printer keeps going offline on mac issue-

    When your brother printer keeps going offline on mac pc, while it is working fine on the windows computer. 

    You should perform the following steps: 

    1. Get into the system preferences. 
    2. Click on print & scan. 
    3. Select your Brother printer and push the – button. 
    4. Now push the + button, and select your printer from the wifi searches. 

    Once you will add your printer again, you may try to send a ping to ensure that, your brother printer is available now or not.

    Dushyant Yadav

    How do I get my brother printer back online on google chromebook? It went offline last night all of sudden. since than, I am fighting to get it fixed but didn’t get the success yet.

    I tried to use the above steps but Don’t knonw how to remove or add the printer on chromebook.

    So If you can explain on it little bit.It would be very helpful.

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