(Quick Steps) To Fix “Your Connection Is Not Private” Google Chrome?

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    Ruthie Franecki

    Since morning I am not able to access my some website. Every time it is showing “your connection is not private.” Suggest me how do I solve this connection is not a private issue?


    Brenda R. Guerro

    When you get the connection is not private error on your browser. You will also get an error code along with it.

    that error code can be similar to:


    You must be getting one of them error code.  so please check your browser again and then let me know.

    So I can help you in fixing the connection is not private error message.


    Sydney Torp

    I had the same problem with error display ‘NET:: ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID’ in Google Chrome. Three months before I did get this error while searching something in google search.

    At the starting, I didn’t get what the issue is. Tried restarting the computer, refresh also reset the browser settings nothing works. Suddenly I saw the last two words in the error NET:: ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID is saying date invalid. I checked, and the date was correct but the year was not right.

    I did correct the date and time of the computer. After correction of the year it started working fine and stop giving error’ your connection is not private.’

    Conclusion before trying anything check date and time of your computer also laptop.


    Hope Spinka

    Hello Torp, you have explained it very nicely. Mostly people stats they had date and time issue. I want to tell you one more very common reason for Your Connection Is Not Private issue.

    More than 90% of people use Antivirus into their computer system. Antivirus protects your computer also laptops from virus and spammy website. Some website contains virus and malware, and our computer system may damage if open those websites.

    Antivirus companies updates their software time to time against these websites. It is possible that antivirus company mark any good site as malware website by mistake. Further, those website shows privacy error ‘Your Connection Is Not Private’ message if we try to open.

    Antivirus program installed in your computer make the website’s security certificate as spam and block it.

    Solution for this privacy error Your Connection Is Not Private-

    • Disable Antivirus for the time being. The best solution is to turn off your protection for a while. Find out antivirus icon below on the taskbar near your pc clock. Right click on it and select disable.
    • In avast antivirus, you have to turn off https web scan. Open your antivirus and go to its setting. Next, go to Active Protection → Web Shield and Customize. Here uncheck the box saying HTTPS Scanning.

    After doing all these antivirus settings need to restart your web browser. Further, try to open your block site. I hope it will not show the same privacy error this time.


    Zyan Herzog

    Google chrome save cookies of a website for better search results. It might also be possible there was a problem with the site which you did open. At that time, your browser Google chrome saved cookies of the website. Further, it will show the same error “your connection is not private net::err_cert_authority_invalid”every time.

    The solution, just reset your browser Google chrome or which one you are using. Saved cookies will clean from the browser, and your browser is ready to display the new result from the website.

  • Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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