How To Fix AOL Desktop Gold Error 104 ?

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    Curtis Vaillancour

    I am unable to install AOL desktop gold on my pc. Each time, I try to install it, I get AOL desktop error 104. how do I fix it?

    Sue A. Davis

    Mostly, People can’t install aol desktop gold into their pc due to the few common reasons.

    1. Pc hardware is not capable enough to install this program.
    2. Pc is freezing.
    3. Virus Issue.

    So Firstly, You need to be sure about there is no malware presence into your pc. For that, you have scan your computer with good antivirus program like- malware bytes, norton etc. they will scan your pc and make your computer more secure.


    Here we have some tricks to fix such kind of problem.

    Scan Your Computer- Let’s start with scanning your PC. you should scan your computer with the antivirus first, then you should use the system file scan command to scan your pc.

    this will help you in scanning your system files.

    You can easily scan the system files using sfc /scannow command. this process might take a few minutes. so you have to wait for a while.

    Quite The Installation From Taskbar- If you can’t install AOL desktop gold into your pc. You should quite the program from the task manager.

    Now reboot your pc once and then run the setup again. Let’s see do you still get AOL desktop error code 104?

    Check Hardware Compatibility– Whenever you are going to install AOL desktop software into your PC. you should check the PC compatibility.

    Be sure your computer fulfills the minimum requirement for AOL desktop installation. if it doesn’t then you need to upgrade your PC first.

    Restore Your Pc- after following all these instructions, If your pc still gives you AOL mail error code 104. you should factory reset your computer/ laptop. Now try to scan your pc. with the good software. it will help you.


    Rufus N. Mackenzie

    If you are unable to install AOL desktop into your computer and get error code 104 in revert. Do not worry, I have some good tricks to fix the problem:

    • Firstly, begin with uninstalling the existing version of AOL desktop software. Go to the control panel.
    • Click on program and features and look for AOL desktop program.
    • Right click on AOL desktop and press the uninstall button available in the top menu bar.
    • Now reboot your computer.
    • Once your computer will start successfully, you need to open the web browser like- google chrome or internet explorer and go to the AOL desktop website.
    • Click on download AOL desktop to download the latest version of desktop software.
    • After downloading the software, you need to run it and accept the term and condition for installation.
    • Now, wait until the application will install itself successfully. once you will get the finish button. you need to click on it and start using your application now.
    Donato VonRueden

    A few days ago, I had AOL desktop error 104. that time, I tried to uninstall and install the program again and again. but it did not help me.
    Later, I had called My friend. she is a computer technician.

    she told me, this can be due to the virus.

    So I did scan my computer with the Mcafee and founded almost 5 malware into my pc.

    Once I removed them. right after that, my AOL was working fine.

    Norberto Ruecker

    Let’s check the system compatibility. Be sure, your computer is compatible with AOL desktop software.

    If we talk about the minimum requirement for AOL desktop software. You need to have following things.

    1. Required Operating system- minimum Windows 7 or mackintosh 10.0.01
    2. Your computer should be built in with at least 266MHZ (dual-core) processor.
    3. Now if we talk about memory and storage. You need at least 512MB hard drive space to install the program, and 1 GB to execute it properly.
    4. Also, you need 1024*768 resolution for the display.

    So if your computer doesn’t match this requirement. I would not be possible to install the AOL desktop program. So you should forget about installing the program for now and focus on upgrading the computer. This will help you in resolving the issue.


    Varun Tiwari

    Before installing the AOL desktop software. you should scan your setup once using a good antivirus.

    your computer might have a virus. that’s why you might be getting AOL error 104.

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