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    Asa Marquardt

    My developer is asking money for buying web hosting. What is this web hosting, and how can I buy this?

    Sydney Torp

    The website data and files became stored at web hosting. The website name is just an address or your representation on the world wide web. If someone is accessing your website, all the data and images pull out from the web hosting server.

    Web hosting is just like online storage which provides you some space, Ram and a server computer. Server computer handles all the website activity.

    Zyan Herzog

    Everyone wants to reach their website on the first page of google search. People use many tactics for them. Some people use paid to advertise, and some use starts doing search engine optimization.

    Paid search is a straightforward method to target traffic but costly. On the other hand, search engine optimization is a very tough and lengthy process. More than 90% of people do surrender after a few days of SEO method.

    There are lots of things required to maintain the position on the first page of the search. One important thing is web hosting in SEO result and rank. According to Google, the website page loading speed matters on position.

    Website data load from the web hosting server. The ranking will drop if the server takes time to provide data to search user. So, web server speed and data space are essential for the website and its ranking.

    Isobel Roberts

    The roles of web hosting on the website are just like you have a vehicle, but there is no road to drive. A website goes live with a combination of the domain name, web hosting, and software coding platform. You can buy a domain name and make your website on WordPress or java, PHP, but won’t live on the internet without web hosting.

    The role of web hosting plays an essential part of any website. I want to explain it in points below:

    • Website speed directly depends upon web hosting server speed. Hosting can be like a shared hosting or dedicated server. Dedicated server speed is much higher than shared, but it’s costly.
    • Security of a website and user data which interact with your website also depends on web hosting security. So, always try to use a big company web hosting. Never use third party web hosting.
    • A good web hosting gives better performance and ranking on any search result.
    • Data, images, and everything placed on the website create the backup on web hosting. So, if the hosting is not secure or private, it increases the possibility of data freezing.

    We can say web hosting plays a vital role in websites.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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