What is called a healthy lifestyle?

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    Alphonso Kassulke

    I asked this question to many people. Everyone has different answers. I want to research on it what people think about a healthy lifestyle?


    Mikaela M Tarr

    According to me, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need any hard discipline. You just have to change your some habits and you would be a healthy and great lifestyle.

    According to me, a healthy lifestyle can be created by following a few simple steps given below-

    Try to get up early in the morning. It is one of the biggest tasks. Nobody can start to wake up in a day. Keep trying by changing your alarm clock 10 minutes before from the previous day.

    After waking up in the morning spend at least 10-15 minutes outside, doesn’t matter its park or street. You can stand in your balcony.

    Take a bath as soon as possible and take a good breakfast. Include protein and fiber in your breakfast. breakfast decide your whole day, so never skip your breakfast.

    Avoid heavy lunch and dinner. Start eating a small number of foods every few minutes rather than a heavy meal.


    A healthy lifestyle usually depends on three things. Good nutrition, diet and exercise, and everything would be perfect if these three things are in routine in your life. Success will yours.

    Let me explain in details. Someone says health is wealth. Do you know this means if you are healthy you can make money as much you want? Your family and friends will appreciate you if you have money and a good sense of humor. A healthy person’s mind always thinks about everything nearby them.

    First, you have to start with your diet. Avoid eating a heavy meal. Start eating a small amount of meal and let digestion works properly. If digestion is in good condition it will provide you maximum energy from the food.

    Increase the amount of nutrition in your food. Use green vegetables, herbs and fruits as much you can. Before taking your meal always eat salad. It will fill your empty stomach and you can’t eat enough food in your lunch or dinner.

    Exercise is one of the best things to remove unwanted material from your body. Read about unwanted harmful material from how-to-remove-toxic-from-my-body. Exercise keeps your body fit and organs in working condition. Once we start doing exercise blood circulation also increase. Increase in flow of blood removes stuck particles from your veins and realize relaxation. It also decreases the chances in any type of disease.



    Anastasia Crist

    “Early to bed
    Early to rise
    Makes a man
    and Wise”

    Furthermore, It’s true if you want to be a success and a healthy lifestyle you have to follow nature rules. Don’t go against nature rules or nature may also destroy you.


    Joyce M Cody

    According to me if you are happy you are healthy. Some people don’t react to any issue and they are living a really healthy life. You are happy and have a healthy body, can easily make money.

    So, be happy in any situation.


    Jason D. Lee

    I feel healthy life style means nothing else than being healthy. To make you lifestyle healthy, you should spend enough time on everything like- work, relationship etc.

    This will make you stress free and you will enjoy every moment.

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