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    Nettie Schuster

    Pubg is updating its new feature and coming with season 7. What are the features also weapons in pubg season 7?

    Isidro Dooley


    New features in pubg season 7:

    • Parachute Trail- In Season 7 pubg if someone is jumping from the plane, the picturesque trail will follow him. It makes fun.
    • New Looks- Season 7 pubg is renewing with new looks. Some beard avatar looks for male.
    • Companion- In the last update companion feature had come but it was not working also under trial. It has revealed in season 7 with default companion name Falcon. You may also change the name and upgrade it.
    • Get Rewards- Season 7 pubg provides the feature to upgrade yourself by watching videos. It is just like pubg company’s earning system through ads. Furthermore, it offers useful upgrades for new players.
    • Keep Updating- Pubg is trying to the updated game application also fixing the pugs. They are updating application time to time even without a break. It means the game won’t update during the action. It will update once free.
    Joyce M Cody

    Pubg will launch PS4 games. It is just a rumor, or right nobody knows, but lots of websites are saying about it.

    Mobile phone pubg will update with the new feature on 0.13.0 on May 31, 2019.

    It will bring new items and guns as well as fixes bugs to the game.

    Its beta version is already testing by various people, and according to a recent leak, the update can officially release. So, wait for the new update of pubg.

    Philip Steuber

    The latest Pubg update is update 4.3, which is already live now. It is also called Pubg season 4, update 3. Update 4.3 is a preparing platform for next season. Pubg very soon going to launch its new season.

    What’s new in Season 4 Update 3 or Pubg update 4.4:

    1.DBS gun:

    In update 4.3 pubg team has introduced a new type of weapon called DBS( double-barrel shotgun). It has a 100-meter effective range, with the ability to attach any variety of scopes.

    2. Better Sound Quality:

    In the update 4.3, pubg has improved game sound quality. Game sound is much better than before. They have updated footsteps and jumping sound quality for different types of jump styles. Along with you may feel more realistic sound during the games.

    For more information about pubg updates follow pubg offical account fromĀ https://www.pubg.com

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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