What Is The Difference Between Linux And WordPress Webhosting?

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    Asa Marquardt

    I want to buy a web hosting for my new website. Someone suggest me for Linux and my friend WordPress hosting. Please suggest me with the difference between them?


    Sydney Torp

    Wordpress web hosting is good for WordPress websites. WordPress hosting gives you a large customer handling if your website is on the wordpress platform. In the same cost WordPress hosting gives you a better response for WordPress website.

    Linux hosting is safer and works for any platform website like java, .net .php, etc. Linux hosting even works on wordpress platform. Traffic handling of Linux on a monthly basis is very low.


    Sydney Torp

    Linux hosting does operate through Cloud Linux operating system. This cloud Linux system is a dedicated Linux server through which all the website becomes online. This Linux server saves all type of website data also site images. It is more secure but costly than other web servers.

    Wordpress web server works on Microsoft Windows server. It is swift for the WordPress platform website. If your site is running on WordPress platform, choose WordPress web hosting.

  • Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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