Why Does My Aol Old Mail Disappeared ? AOL Missing Emails

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    Kay N. Grijalva

    My AOL is missing old mails from the inbox folder. I did not delete them by myself.

    Also, I have checked the other folders. They are also not presented there. Can you tell me where did they go and how can I recover my disappeared emails?


    Johnny L. Gruber

    About a week ago, I lost my AOL mails all of a sudden from the account. That moment, I had to contact with the AOL email expert at toll-free number- 1800-301-8767. They helped me in aol mail recovery.

    Let’s check the Trash or delete folder first. Do you see your emails there? If Yes!

    You need to select your emails and then click on the move button and then send them back into the inbox folder.

    But If the AOL mails are missing from the trash folder, it means, someone has deleted the emails purposely, or there was a server glitch. That’s why your AOL mail disappeared from the inbox.

    In such case, you should contact AOL Mail Team and ask them to recover the deleted AOL mails.

    They will ask some basic questions to you. If you answer them correctly, they will restore the emails for you.


    Rufus N. Mackenzie

    If you are struggling with AOL Mail disappeared problem. Do not worry at all; I am here to help you in fixing the AOL mail deleted emails problem.

     AOL Mail missing Emails from the Web mails –

    If AOL mails are disappearing from the webmails. You can use the instructions given below to fix the problem.

    Check Email Filters –

    Many times, people enable the email filter on their account. That’s why the old emails or new emails are disappearing from the inbox and directly landing to the other selected folder.

    So First of all, you should check the Email filters and delete them if anyone is working there.

    • Login to your AOL account and go to the settings.
    • Click on general and click on email filters and spam settings.
    • Now select your email filter and click on delete.
    • Finally, click on apply changes.

    Now go to the trash folder and recover your deleted emails.

    Clean the web browser-

    If you see the utterly blank mail folder, the chances are your browser is not working correctly. That’s why you are facing aol mail disappeared problem.

    firstly, you need to install a new browser into your computer and then try to access your AOL account on it.

    If you can see emails on the new browser, it shows the problem is related to the browser. In such a case, you need to optimize your browser.

    Server issue

    It happens rarely, but sometimes, people are facing the AOL missing emails problem due to the server issue.

    Last time, one of my subscribers has a similar problem due to the server issue. He has to call AOL technical team and ask them to fix the problem.


    AOL Mail disappeared From Mail client Software or iPhone-

    If you can see your emails on the webmail, but they are missing on the email client software like- outlook, or any other mail application.

    It can be due to the two reasons-

    1. Mail application is unable to sync with the webmail.
    2. You have created a rule to delete the emails.

    Unable to sync with the webmail-

    If AOL mail is missing new emails on the mail application. You should check the syncing problem first.

    So let’s test a send & receive process. If you can perform send and receive process successfully, then you need to proceed for the next step.

    However, if you get a failure message in the syncing, you need to check the account configuration details.

    The easy way to troubleshoot this problem is, delete the existing account and reconfigure it using IMAP settings.

    Recover deleted emails using mail application-

    You can quickly recover the missing AOL email using the recovery file. If you have available, most of the time, we create a recovery backup file. All you need to do an import that recovery file into your mail application.


    Gertrude Smitham

    My AOL mail disappeared from the iPhone. Also, some emails folders are missing while they are all available on the AOL webmail.

    What should I do to fix the AOL Old mail disappeared problem?


    Tyrel Hartmann

    If AOL mail old mail disappeared from the iPhone. You need to use the following trick to fix the problem.

    1. Go to Settings on your phone.
    2. Click on mail, calendars and contacts and tap on your email address.
    3. Now you will able to see sync option. Click on it.

    Your phone will start syncing with AOL mail server. It may take some time. So you need to wait until the server starts working fine.

    But if your phone can’t sync with the AOL mail server. You need to delete your account and re-add it using the tricks given below.

    1. Go to the mail, calendars, and contacts again.
    2. Tap on your email and click on the delete account.
    3. Now you need to reboot your phone.
    4. After rebooting the phone, you need to go to the mail, calendars, and contacts again and click on add account,
    5. Now you need to select aol as your service provider.
    6. Fill the required information like- username, email, and password and follow the process to add the account again.
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