Why Does My Aol Old Mail Disappeared ? AOL Missing Emails

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    Kay N. Grijalva

    Some of my old mail are not missing from my aol account automatically. As far I know, I did not remove them from my aol account.

    So I think, the aol mail disappeared automatically. Can somebody tell me, the reason behind this issue and how can I fix them.

    Johnny L. Gruber

    About three days ago, my aol old mail disappeared from the mail box, At that moment, I had to contact to the aol mail team.

    They had restored my AOL emails.

    as per their words, this issue was the issue from server issue. there was a glitch on AOL server.

    that’s why all emails were deleting automatically.

    Rufus N. Mackenzie

    Troubleshoot AOL Mail disappeared problem on web mail-

    Here are some useful tricks & techniques to fix aol mail disappeared issue. You should use them to get your AOL mails back.

    Start with checking the delete or trash folder-

    If you feel like, some of your AOL mail is missing from existing folders, you should begin with reviewing the trash or delete folder into your AOL mail.

    If you can see your emails there, probably, you have moved your emails there. That’s why they are available there.

    In such a case, you can easily restore your emails using the tricks given below.

    1. Log into your AOL mail account.
    2. Visit the trash or delete folder.
    3. Select the emails, which you want to restore.
    4. Now click on actions and select the folder, where you want to move them.

    Now look back into your previous location, you will see your emails there.

    Review the filter settings very carefully-

    If new or old AOL emails are missing automatically, you should review the filters very carefully.

    Probably, you have made some filters, which is moving the emails to the another destination.

    If you are not very familiar with the filters, I will suggest you not to use them and delete the available filters.

    1. Log into the AOL mail account,
    2. Push the options button and select mail settings.
    3. Now visit the filters,
    4. If you can see any filter working, you need to delete them right now.

    You have permanently moved the original copy from server-

    If your AOL mail disappeared from the web mail, while they are available in outlook application.

    It is probably because, you have not checked the option to keep an original copy of that emails into the outlook.

    That’s why you are missing emails from web mail. In such a case, you need to follow the instructions given below.

    • Click on files and click on account settings.
    • Now click on your AOL account and select edit.
    • Click on the advance button and then again click on the advance tab available in the last.
    • Check the leave a copy of the email on the server.
    • Click on OK.

    Now in future, there will be no emails missing from your account, but if you want your old missing emails back into your account.

    You have to import them from outlook.

    Use another Browser –

    Sometimes, people see the empty folders into their mail due to the browser’s fault.

    While, there is no issue from the AOL mail side.

    They see the completely blank page due to the many reasons like- cookies, cache issue, etc.

    Most of the time, they get this error due to the JavaScript or popup settings.

    So you should check these settings carefully, also, remove the cookies and cache files from your browser.

    Now try to access the account again.  Now let’s see, if you see your emails now or still getting the missing emails error on your aol mail.

    Gertrude Smitham

    Why are some of my AOL mail folders missing from the iPhone? The only inbox sent and junk folder is syncing. Other folders are not available on my iPhone while they are available on the AOL Webmail.

    Tyrel Hartmann

    Fix AOL Mail Missing Emails On iPhone-

    In case,  AOL mail old mail disappeared from the iPhone or any software. You need to use the following trick to fix the problem.

    1. Go to Settings on your phone.
    2. Click on mail, calendars and contacts and tap on your email address.
    3. Now you will able to see sync option. Click on it.

    Your phone will begin the syncing process with the AOL mail server. It may take little time. So you need to wait until the server starts working fine.

    But if your phone can’t sync with the AOL mail server. You need to delete your account and re-add it using the tricks given below.

    1. Go to the mail, calendars, and contacts again.
    2. Tap on your email and click on the delete account.
    3. Now you need to reboot your phone.
    4. After rebooting the phone, you need to go to the mail, calendars, and contacts again and click on add account,
    5. Now you need to select aol as your service provider.
    6. Fill the required information like- username, email, and password and follow the process to add the account again.
    James L. Hammer

    Check the Leave an original copy of the email on the server-

    If your aol mail has been disappeared from the webmail, while it is available on the third party application like- outlook.

    It means you have moved the original copy of emails from the server. That’s why aol mail missing emails from the webmail.

    If this is the case, you need to open the outlook and follow the steps:

    • Click on files and click on account settings.
    • Now click on your aol account and select edit.
    • Click on the advance button and then again click on the advance tab available in the last.
    • Check the leave a copy of the email on the server.
    • Click on ok.

    Now, if someone will send you any recent email, it will leave the copy of that email on the webmail, and send a duplicate copy of it to the outlook.

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