Why Does My Brother Printer Won’t Print Any Documents?

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    Kay N. Grijalva

    Being a legal advisor, I have to print so many documents everyday. today, I am trying to print some document. But My Brother Printer won’t print them at all.

    Can anyone tell me what should I do now?


    Therese Murray

    Printer issues can be due to few overloaded print command in the print queue, or perhaps it can be problem-related to the driver, or the network may be undergoing some connectivity problems and also loose cable connection or weak cable connection might be the culprit.
    To turn it back on online after a valid issue happened, here are some easy steps to follow to allow the printer to go online:

    Start >> control panel >> printers and drivers >> select your brother printer from the available printer list.

    1.  double click on the brother printer icon, if the user wants to reconnect online. you will get a pop-up window,  this will show you all pending printing jobs in the queue.  you need to cancel them all.
    2. tap on the printer icon once again. Now this will allow you to reconnect the printer.

    I hope you feel it like a very simple process. you can use it to connect your brother printer to the wifi network, this will resolve brother printer won’t print problem.
    If these steps don’t work, please let us know, so we can help you with more advanced steps


    Sue A. Davis

    Can you explain what is the error message, you are getting in revert? when you try to print.

    When your brother printer won’t print anything. It will definitely give you an error in your laptop. You should read it very carefully and then start looking for the was to fix the problem according to that.

    Do you get Printing blank page or showing no ink error?

    If you get above error message. You should check the ink label on your brother printer. be sure you have enough ink on your printer.

    If the ink level is low. you need to replace the ink cartridge instantly.

    Are you getting Printer Communication error ?

    As @Kay has already explained us about network communication error. So I will not take more time on explaining it again.

    All i will say, check your printer network settings?

    If you find your brother printer disconnected from the wifi or network,  you need to reconnect it to the wifi.

    For brief information, you can visit: how to connect brother printer to the wifi?

    Brother Printer says offline-

    it’s the most common message people get when they try to print something. This error comes because of several reasons.  you can find the solution about it on this topic.

    why does my brother printer says offline


    Why my brother printer is not printing both sides of the paper. I am trying to print from my Apple MacBook pro, but it is printing single side only. It’s not even trying to go to another side.

    At the same time, if I try to print something from my windows Pc. it works completely fine. What should I do to make double-sided printing from my brother printer?


    Mark C. Martin

    According to me, you have chosen one sided printing from settings. that’s why you are getting single side print only.

    So You should go ahead and change the settings first-

    • Open the document ( or just go to print settings), you want to print.
    • Click on files from the right-hand side corner and then click on print.
    • Here, you need to select your brother printer from the list and click on properties.
    • Now click on landscape or print settings or portrait mode and click on ok.
    • Here, you need to choose double-sided print settings and click on ok again.

    After changing the printer settings, you should try to print again. As far I know, it should be working fine now.


    Walter R Gonzalez

    My brother printer is not printing any paper from windows 8 laptop. Whenever I try to print something. it gives me a code, Error: 68. 

    What should I do to fix the problem?


    Joshua K. Collins

    Hello Walter,
    It indicates that there is a problem with your brother printer hardware functions. For that, you need to visit this blog:  how to fix unable to print error code 68 on brother printer?

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