Why Does My Brother Printer Won’t Scan Anything?

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    Sue A. Davis

    I am trying to scan some documents. But my brother printer is not scanning any documents. I tried to reboot my printer multiple times. But it didn’t work for me.

    How to fix brother printer won’t scan problem?

    Brenda R. Guerro

    Let’s try these things to fix the brother printer won’t scan problem.

    1.   Switch off the printer for two minutes and then turn it back on.

    2.   Let’s reboot your computer once.

    3.   Make sure your brother printer and computer are connected.

    4.   Did you install the scanner driver correctly? If not. You should go ahead and add it again.

    5.   Uninstall the driver from the computer and install it again using the correct settings.

    Tammy R Fauver

    Reason for Brother printer is not scanning can divide into two-part. First scenario hardware failure or a connection error may be the reason brother stop scanning.

    The second reason can be software or brother printer driver issue. Here, We will be discussing both the goals and their solution for scanning problem in brother printer.

    Check the connection first- 

    Several times, people face brother printer won’t scan issue due to the connection problem. That’s why I will recommend you to check the internet connection first.

    Check USB Connection – 

    If you are using the USB cable to connect your brother printer to the computer. You should check the following things.

    1. Firstly, you should check the USB cable health. Ensure your USB cable is not broken. Also, the connector looks fine. If it is broken, you need to replace the cable.
    2. Unplug the printer from the computer, and try to connect it on the other USB port of the machine.
    3. Reboot your printer and computer once.
    4. Now try to scan something. Let’s see if it is scanning or not.

    Check Network Connection – 

    If you are using a wireless or network printer. You should check the following settings:

    1. Ensure; your printer is connected to the wifi router via WiFi or ethernet wire. If it is not connected to the wifi. You have to connect it first. In case, if you face any trouble, you can visit: why is my brother printer not connecting to wifi?
    2. Please ensure your computer and printer should be connected to the same network if they aren’t yet. You need to connect them immediately.
    3. Reboot the printer, router, and computer.
    4. Now let’s put an image into the printer and try to scan it.

    Fix Scanner Driver related issues- 

    If you have not found any problem with the connection. This problem can be related to driver settings. That’s why your brother printer won’t scan any images or document.

    Set up your brother printer as a default scanner- 

    Sometimes, you might be unable to scan the documents from the brother printer due to the default settings. When you do not select your printer as a default scanner. Your computer doesn’t find the right device to see the scan.

    That’s why people start getting brother printer won’t scan problem.

    So you should select your brother printer as a default scanner first. To do that, you can follow the tips given below:

    1. Let’s go to the scan and faxes.
    2. Click on the new scan.
    3. Now select your brother printer as a scanner and then click on scan.

    Uninstall the driver- 

    After checking the network connection, still, your brother is not scanning. You should uninstall the complete driver of brother printer and then install it again.

    When you install the printer driver again, make sure, you are using the newer version of it. Do not use the older version. To uninstall the complete driver, you can go to the program and features and select your driver, after that click on uninstall the driver.

    You can find the latest driver from brother support official website.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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