Why Does My Epson Printer Won’t Connect To Wifi?

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    Judy C. Battiste

    I have moved My printer from one room to another Room. If I am trying to connect my printer from wifi. It does not detect the connection.

    Hope Spinka

    As you explained you have moved from one room to another room, there are many possibilities for Epson printer not connecting to wifi.

    There are major possibilities your wifi signal not reaching in the moving room. You can check in your phone that you are getting a wifi connection on your phone or not.

    The second possibility could be a connection problem. Sometimes we do the wrong connection between devices. Cross check the connection once again.

    If everything is looking good try to connect with your wireless network again. Open your Epson printer settings and go to wireless and connection. Now you can see your wifi name here.

    Tap on wifi name and it will ask to enter security pin or code. Enter your wifi password here and click on save or connect as the option given there.

    Now your Epson printer should be connected with wifi again. Still having an issue please write comments with your printer model name or number.

    Brenda R. Guerro

    Let’s begin with power cycling the devices. You need to Power off the printer & router for one minute. Once you will turn it back. You should wait for 2 minutes and then check is your printer connected to the WiFi Or you still get the Epson printer won’t connect to wifi problem?

    If you already did this but still your Epson printer is not connecting to the wifi. You should move your printer nearby your router. let’s see if it connecting or not.

    Restore network settings- 

    if you have tried the above steps but still your Epson printer won’t connect to wifi. I would recommend you restore the network settings on your printer and then try to connect your printer again to the wifi.

    you can also visit: how to fix Epson printer is not connecting to the WiFi?

    James L. Hammer

    Here are some basic tricks to fix epson printer won’t connect to wifi problem. If you should try them once to fix the problem.

    1. Turn on on your epson printer.
    2. Press home button and go to the setup.
    3. Now click on restore network settings.
    4. You will get the confirmation message click on ok or yes.
    5. Once the restore process will complete. you need to restart your epson printer.
    6. Now Go the setup and network settings again and follow the process to connect to the network.

    If you feel difficulty in connecting your epson printer to the wifi using printer panel. then you can use the epson connect to setup wireless connection.

    After following all these options, I am sure you will get rid of epson printer won’t connect to wifi problem. If it doesn’t fix the problem. let me know. I have some other tricks to fix the problem as well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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