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    Dushyant Yadav

    Last night, I got a message from google, “there was a suspicious login activity happened to my account”. So they asked either this was me or someone else.

    Well, that wasn’t me, so I clicked on not me option, and they redirected me on password reset window.

    So I changed my password. Now I can’t sign in my gmail account on android phone?  It keeps asking for the password.

    Can somebody tell me, how do you fix the problem?

    Judy C. Battiste

    Let’s make sure; you are typing the correct Gmail password on an android phone? To ensure that, you may use the browser on your phone, and try to sign in through your new Gmail password. 

    If you can sign incorrectly, then it means you were typing the wrong password earlier. 

    That’s why you were unable to sign in to your Gmail account on an android phone. 

    However, if you can’t sign into the Gmail account on an android phone using a new password, please follow the steps available below. 

    Check internet connectivity- 

    First of all, you should check the internet connectivity on your android phone. Ensure that the mobile data is enabled or it is connected through wifi. 

    Because the internet is necessary for the sign-in process. 

    Enable the third party Apps (less secure app)- 

    If you can’t sign into Gmail account using the third party app on your android phone. 

    Please make sure you have enabled the allow third-party mail app feature. If not, you need to do so, for that you may follow the steps given below. 

    1. Go to the Gmail account on your computer. 
    2. Click on the profile picture and press the manage your google account button. 
    3. Under the Security tab, click on the app access. 
    4. Now click on enable less secure apps. 

    Once you do this, you should try to reaccess your Gmail account. 

    Create an app password- 

    Sometimes, you may be unable to access your Gmail account on your android phone through your new password, because it must be asking for the app password. 

    So it would be best if you created an app password using the methods given below. 

    • Get into the Gmail account settings. 
    • Click on the Security tab, 
    • Press the app password tab; now, you need to select mail. 
    • Now you will get a generated password; you need to use that password to configure your account. 

    Install Gmail official APP- 

    If you are still having the can’t login to gmail account on your android phone using the mail app. I would suggest you change the mail app. 

    install the Gmail’s official app into your android phone, and configure your account on it.

    Varun Tiwari

    Troubleshoot Can’t access gmail on android problem- 

    Easy way to troubleshoot this issue, delete your Gmail account from the android phone, and add it again with a new password. 

    It will resolve the problem for you. 

    • Let’s go to the settings on your android phone. 
    • Click on the mail & account (you will see it with some other names as well, it depends on your brand & model).
    • Tap on your google account. 
    • Now you will see the delete account option. Click on it. 
    • Finally, you will get a confirmation message, click on yes. 

    Once you will delete gmail account from the android phone, you should go ahead and reboot your smartphone once, and then follow the steps below. 

    • Go back to the mail & account settings. 
    • Tap on the add account option. 
    • Select the google as your email service provider. 
    • Type your email address, and press next.
    • Now you will reach to the password window, here, you need to type your Gmail password and press the sign-in button. 

    Finally, your account will be added to the android phone. You may open the mail app now and access your emails. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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