Why Is AOL Mail Not Working On IPhone?

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    Judy C. Battiste

    My iPhone is unable to interact with the AOL mail website. Every time, I try to load the website. it provides me can’t connect to the mail server error message.

    While my phone is connected to the internet, and my other websites are working absolutely fine.

    So how do I fix AOL mail not working the problem on my iPhone?


    I had a similar problem with my AOL account. That time, I did contact  Aol email expert, and they had fixed my problem. You should also ask them once.

    Well, there could be few reasons behind AOL mail not working on the phone. Here I am sharing some useful tricks.

    Check time and date- 

    Whenever you are unable to load the AOL email website. You should check the time and date on your phone. If you have incorrect time and date, let’s go ahead and reset it first.

    Connect your phone with another Wifi –

    Let’s connect your phone with another wifi. And then try to access the website. If your AOL mail website works fine there. It means, your network is blocking the AOL mail website. That’s why your AOL is not working on your iPhone.

    In such a case, you have to check the block list and firewall settings on your wifi.

    If you don’t find anything suspicious, then you need to reboot the router and modem. It will start working fine then.

    Clean up the browser- 

    You should also try to clean your browser once. Maybe your browser is full of junk files. That’s why your email is not working fine.

    So let’s clean the browser and other things once and then check it does work fine or not.


    Sue A. Davis


    My problem is also similar to this. I cannot access the aol mail on my iphone x using the mail application.

    Also, I have tried to access the aol.com website. it was also not working for me.

    Now after reading the tricks, I have fixed the aol mail website problem. But still I am unable to access my aol account on my phone. what should I do?

    Lenora K. Yager

    We have a few good threads about this topic. and they are already resolved. so you can try to visit them. I am sure, they will get your problem resolved. thank you.

    How to fix aol email login problems. 

    Can’t Get Into AOL Mail

    Why is my aol mail login screen missing

    You can check them, Maybe they can help you better in fixing the problem.

    Joshua K. Collins

    There could be various reasons behind aol mail not working on iPhone. here, I am sharing some quick steps to fix the problem.

    Remove the aol account and re-add it- 

    whenever you go through aol mail not working on iPhone.  Firstly, you should remove the account from your phone and then re-add it using the following steps.

    1. Go to the settings on your iPhone.
    2. Tap on mail, contacts, and calendars. (if you use IOS 11, you need to go to the accounts and passwords)
    3. tap on your AOL account and scroll down.
    4. Now click on Delete account.
    5. Once you will remove the account from iphone successfully. you should re-add it. to do that, you need to go to the mail, contacts, and calendars again.
    6. Tap on add account.
    7. Select AOL as your email service provider.
    8. Now type your name, email address and password for the AOL account.
    9. once you will click on next. it will try to communicate with the AOL mail provider. once it will detect the connection. your account will be successfully added.

    Update the mail application – 

    if you re-add the account but still having aol mail not working on iphone problem. you should check for the application update.

    Maybe there is an update required for the application.

    So these are the tricks to fix the aol mail not working on iPhone problem. if the problem still continues, I would suggest you install the AOL’s official mail application.

    configure your account on it.

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