Why Is My Asus Router Not Working?

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    Kay N. Grijalva

    My asus laptop stopped working after the power outage. Last night, I had power outage in my area for 2 hours. since then, my asus router not working.


    Keagan Wunsch

    My Asus router was not working due to the invalid configuration. That time, I called Asus Router Expert At Toll-Free- 1800-301-8767. they had fixed the problem. You should also call them once.

    if your Asus router not working. you can easily try to troubleshoot it using the steps given below.

    Reboot The Asus Router-

    Let’s begin with the power cycling the Asus router.  So plug out the power cable from the Asus wifi router. wait for one minute and then plugin it back in.

    Now, wait for 1 one minute. so your router can boot itself and detect the connection the Modem.

    After one minute, let’s check what color of lights can you see on the router? is it orange or green?

    If you see a green or blue internet light. your problem has been resolved. you can connect your devices and enjoy the internet.

    Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

    Check Cable connection  –

    Next, you need to check the cable connection. your modem should be always connected to the internet (WAN) port of the Asus wifi router.

    Few times, I have seen people dealing with Asus router not working problem due to the faulty ethernet cable. so you should not forget to inspect the cable health status.

    If it is broken or punctured. you should not use it.

    get a new cable and connect your modem with the router via new ethernet cable.

    Update the Asus router firmware-

    Have you checked for the firmware update?

    if you have an old firmware into your Asus router. it can be the reason behind the asus router not working problem.

    So you should check for the firmware update. if you find there any update. you need to go ahead and update the router firmware.

    After that, your router will start working fine.

    Reset the Router- 

    If you have already tried these instructions but somehow your Asus router is not working yet.

    you need to factory restore your Asus router and reconfigure it.



    Varun Tiwari

    Quick instructions to fix Asus router is not working problem:

    1. Firstly, Power off the modem for one minute and the power it on.
    2. Switch off the router for one minute and then switch it on.
    3. Check the connection between modem and router, make sure both of them are connected to the internet properly.
    4. Now, check the modem and router’s IP address if they are from the same class. You need to change the IP address of your Asus wifi router.
    5. Connect your computer to the router via ethernet cable and do mac cloning. This process with clone the mac address and fix the problem.
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