Why Is My Belkin Range Extender Blinking Orange?

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    Harold E. Claypool

    I just came back to my home after a month. So I tried to reboot the router and other gadgets and internet.

    Everything seems to be fine but my belkin range extender is blinking orange and it is not allowing me to access the internet.

    Why is it doing so and how can I fix it?


    Jason D. Lee

    Here, are some quick tips to fix the Belkin range blinking orange problem. you can go ahead and use them to fix your issue.

    1.    Let’s reboot the wireless router and Belkin range extender and wait for one minute. Now check do you see the orange light or green light?

    2.    Make sure, your range extender is placed within the range of 10 meters from the router. If it is a little far from it.

    3.    Did you change the wireless router password on your router? If your answer is yes? You need to reset the range extender and reconfigure it with the new password.



    Philip Steuber

    You need to know what does it mean of red light in Belkin range extender. Most of people think red light shows the device is dead. You will surprise to know that red light of any device is not for dead fault indication.

    Belkin range extender shows red or orange light when it stops working. Work of range extender is only boosting the signal. It captures the configure network signal and transmit by increasing it.

    We connect range extender with internet modem or wifi router. Sometimes router or modem can’t connect with range extender due to network glitch. In this situation, range extender starts blinking red light.

    It may also be possible you are not getting the internet from your internet provider. Range extender starts giving orange or red light if your modem or router doesn’t have internet.

    Further, red light in range extender can be due to any reason.

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