Why Is My Brother Printer Not Responding?

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    Rufus N. Mackenzie

    I need help to fix brother printer not responding problem.Whenever I give it a command to scan or print any document. It stops responding.

    How can I fix this error message?



    Johnny L. Gruber

    Are you using a wifi printer or it’s a local printer?

    If it is a wifi printer, you should begin with power cycling the Printer, router, and computer.

    wait for one minute, and then try to print something.


    Brenda R. Guerro

    Generally, People have to deal with brother printer not responding problem due to the two common reason.

    1. USB Cable Connection issue.
    2. Driver issue.

    You can easily troubleshoot your brother printer by using these tricks.

    Troubleshoot USB cable connection to fix brother printer not responding problem – 

    • Firstly, Unplug the USB cable from your printer and computer. wait for 10 seconds and then plug it back in.
    • Reboot your printer and computer.
    • Disconnect your brother printer from the computer and connect it to another USB port of the computer.
    • If you have another USB cable with you. you should try to connect your printer to the computer using that cable. now see is your printer working fine?
    • After following these instructions if you are getting brother printer not responding or device not recognized error message. you should uninstall the Universal driver from your computer. now reboot your computer. it should detect the connect now.  to uninstall the USB driver you need to follow these instructions-
      • Go to the device manager using devmgmt.msc command on windows computer.
      • Expand universal serial bus and right click on your driver and then click the uninstall button.
      • Finally, you will get a confirmation message. you need to check on it and click on ok.
      • Once your driver will be uninstalled from your computer. you should reboot your computer once.

    Printer driver issue can be the reason behind brother printer not responding

    1. First of all, Cancel all print jobs available in the print queue.
    2. Now set up your printer as a default printer and then try to print a document.
    3. If you still get printer is not responding error message. you should cancel the print jobs again and proceed to step 4.
    4. Be sure, you have not checked the use printer offline option. if you have by mistake. you need to remove the check from it. to do that, you can follow the given instructions.
      • Go to the devices and printer (available in the control panel)
      • Right click on your printer property.
      • If there is any check on use printer offline error. you need to uncheck it.
    5. After following all these instructions, if your printer is still not working fine. you should uninstall the printer from your computer. now reboot your computer and install a new driver. for brief details, you can visit: how to set up brother printer? 

    Varun Tiwari

    Fix Brother Printer Not Responding Mac Problem –

    If you own a Mac computer. Here, I am going to share the instructions to fix the brother printer not responding problem on mac.

    1. Firstly, you should verify the network connection. Be sure your Mac pc has connected to the wifi properly.

    to do that you need to follow the directions below.

      • Go to Utility and click on network utility.
      • Now Press the ping button to check, If your mac book is connected to the network properly or not.
    1. Once you will check the network connection on your mac book. it’s a time to examine your brother printer.
      • Power on your brother printer.
      • Be sure there is no error message on your printer screen.
      • Now try to make a test print. let’s see if it is allowing you to print a paper or not.
    2. After following above steps. if your printer is still showing you not responding error message.

    you should delete the printer from mac book and install it in a new way.


    Varun Tiwari

    Generally, People get brother printer is not responding error during the time of driver issue.

    When they give print command, but there printer driver does not read the command successfully.

    It display the not responding error message. so you should re-install the printer driver and then check if it will work fine for you or not.

    If you get offline error message, you can visit: how to fix brother printer says offline problem.

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