Why Is My Gmail Not Receiving Emails?

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    Sue A. Davis

    What could be the possible causes for gmail not receiving emails? Because, I can’t get any new emails on my google account.

    I have tried to sign in my account on multiple devices but there is no new email on my account.

    The last email I have gotten was on 2nd nov. 2019

    Brenda R. Guerro

    Troubleshoot Can’t Receive Emails On Gmail Account-

    Here is the guide to fix the Gmail not getting a new email problem. You should perform these steps on your Gmail account one by one.

    Disable the forwarding settings-

    Most of the time, People are unable to get new emails into their Gmail account due to the forwarding settings.

    When they enable the forwarding settings, the incoming emails will directly land into the given email address.

    You may also have enabled the forwarding settings,  so you should check the forwarding settings.

    If you find them enable, just disable them using the below instructions.


    • Get into the Google (Gmail) account using your laptop or pc.
    • Click on the settings (little geared) icon, and select settings.
    • Now press the forwarding & pop/ IMAP tab.
    • Let’s delete the email address available in the forwarding settings. And press save changes button.


    Now if somebody, will send you any emails, they will come to your email account directly.

    Turn off the email filters-

    If you can’t see, your emails into Gmail’s inbox folder but they are available in some other folders like- spam, trash, or other custom folders.

    In such a case, there will be some email filters working. That’s why your email is not landing in the inbox folders.



    • Go to the settings on your Gmail again.
    • Click on filters and blocked tab,
    • If you see any active email filter, click on the delete button.


    After deleting the filters, you should send a test mail to yourself, I am sure this will receive the email now.

    Turn off the delete Gmail’s copy option- 

    If you have enabled the pop 3 settings in your Gmail account, ensure that you have not selected the delete Gmail’s copy option.

    If you did so, that’s why you can’t receive emails on your Gmail account. So turn it off right now.

    For turning it off, you can use the below steps.


    • Go to the forwarding  & pop settings once again.
    • Select the keep Gmail’s copy in the box option.
    • Finally, press the save changes button.


    No storage space- 

    Sometimes, you can have the Gmail not receive emails issue due to the storage space. When your storage space is full.

    You won’t be able to receive the new mails into your Gmail account.

    In such a case, you have to make some free space, or buy little more storage space from google.

    Once you will have enough storage space, you will start receiving the new emails.

    Judy C. Battiste

    Here are some common techniques about how to troubleshoot the can’t receive emails on Gmail issue. You may try them once.

    • Let’s have a look at trash and spam folders. Do you see your emails there? If yes. You have to review the forwarding settings.
    • Clean your web browser, and then try to sign in to your account again.
    Barbara R. Colbert

    I am unable to receive the new emails on my iPhone. While they are coming into my windows 10 account. can you tell me why is my android iPhone not receiving emails from Gmail?

    James L. Hammer

    Common reasons behind why Gmail Is not Receiving emails on phone-

    So, If you can fluently receive the emails on your Gmail on your laptop but they are not coming into any phone (android or Ios).

    It could be due to several basic reasons like-

    • Login credentials are invalid.
    • Pop settings are not enabled.
    • Invalid server information.
    • Application problem.

    Firstly, let me share the instructions for how to troubleshoot the Gmail not receiving emails problem on your phone.

    Check google login credentials-

    Let’s start with checking the google’s login credentials. Verify that you have typed the correct Gmail password during the account setup process.

    If you are not sure about it, you may remove your account from the phone, and re-add it.

    Enable the pop 3 settings-

    If you have set up your Gmail account on the phone using the Gmail configuration settings. You should enable the pop3 settings on your account.

    If these settings will not be enabled. You will get can’t sync to the Gmail account error. Due to which, you will not be able to receive emails on your phone.

    To enable the pop 3 settings you need to follow things:

    Go to the settings on your Gmail account on your laptop.
    Click on the forwarding and pop/ Imap settings tab.
    Now enable the pop for all mail and click on save settings.

    Check server information-

    If you have configured your Gmail account manually on your iPhone or any other smartphone.

    There are the chances of invalid account configuration, that’s why you can’t receive emails on your gmail account using the phone.

    Also, update the mail application on your phone.

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