Why Is My Lenovo Laptop Not Charging? How To Fix It?

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    Jonathon Emmerich

    Why does my Lenovo laptop won’t charge?  I tried to unplug it and re-plug it several times, but it is not working for me.

    I have checked the power socket. There is no issue, still, my laptop is not charging, why?

    Keagan Wunsch

    You should try following these instructions to fix the problem –

    • Ensure that the battery is properly plugged in, Sometimes, you may have not charging issue due to the loose connection.
    • Let’s remove the battery for a while, Now plugin the charging adapter, and turn on your laptop. Is it turning on or not?
    • If your Lenovo laptop turn on successfully, this means your laptop battery is dead. In this case, you have to change the battery.


    Anastasia Crist


    Sorry, I am having trouble in understanding this issue, can you explain it a little more like-


    • The charger is plugged in but no charging light or icon.
    • Lenovo laptop shows charging but the battery stays at 0% charging.


    Please explain to them to me, so I can give you the proper solution to fix the problem.

    Thank you,

    Lenora K. Yager

    Troubleshoot Lenovo laptop won’t charge the battery problem- 

    As far I know, People may face the Lenovo laptop not charging issue due to several reasons like-

    • The power adapter is broken or faulty.
    • The battery is completely dead.
    • DC connection is fused, or not working.
    • Power Ic issue.

    Let me go ahead and tell you how can you detect the reason behind Lenovo laptop not charging issue and how it will get them fixed.

    Check the power adapter- 

    When your laptop is properly plugged in, but it won’t charge. You should inspect the power charger.

    Do you see the burnt wire due to the short circuit? If yes, You need to replace the wire,

    If you do not find your power wire faulty, you should plugin this charging adapter into the other laptop.

    Now let’s see if it charging or not.

    If it can charge the other laptop successfully, it means, the issue is related to your laptop.

    Nothing seems to be wrong with your laptop charger.

    but if your charger won’t charge the other Lenovo laptop as well.

    Check the Dc Connector (charging socket)- 

    If you find your power adapter in good condition, you should check the DC connection on your laptop.

    Most of the time, People are unable to charge their laptop, due to the faulty dc connector.

    It is a charging point, which helps you in connecting the adapter to the power supply.

    If you see any broken wire into the DC connector, you need to fix it, and then connect the charging adapter again.

    The Battery is dead- 

    If you plug in the charger, it shows the charging icon but the storage stays at 0%. It means your battery is completely dead. That’s why it is not charging.

    In such a case, you have to replace the laptop’s battery, then your Lenovo laptop will start charging fine without any issue.

    Uninstall the driver- 

    Sometimes, you may identify this issue due to the driver’s problem.  In such a case, you should uninstall the battery driver, and then start working on your laptop.

    This will help you in fixing many problems.

    Javier Brown

    My laptop’s battery stay’s at 0%. it shows the charging icon but it doesn’t charge. what could be the reason for this issue and how can I solve it.

    Sue A. Davis

    You should try these instructions to fix the problem, maybe this will help you in fixing the problem.

    1. First of all, you should uninstall the Lenovo energy management application from your laptop.
    2. Now you need to shut down your laptop.
    3. Let’s turn on your laptop and open the BIOS settings.
    4. Once your laptop will start working fine, you need to press the F9 key.
    5. Now push the F10 button.
    6. Finally, plug in the charging cable into your laptop. let’s see if is allowing to you charge the battery or not.
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