Why Is My Laptop Not Charging?

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    Jonathon Emmerich

    I am unable to charge my Lenovo laptop. I tried to unplug the battery and plugged it back in. Somehow it is still not working. Now, what should I do to fix the problem?


    Lenora K. Yager

    MainlyLenovo laptop stops charging itself due to the few fundamental reasons.

    1.      Charger (power adapter) is faulty.

    2.      DC connector is not functioning.

    3.      The battery is damaged.

    4.      Driver Issue.

    Now let me describe them; also I will give you some instructions about how can you fix the problem.

    1.      Whenever your laptop is not charging itself. You should check the power adapter. Try to plug in the same adapter on another Lenovo laptop and check if it is charging there or not.

    If it doesn’t charge another laptop as well, It means, your charger is not working anymore. That’s why your computer couldn’t charge itself.

    Somehow if it can charge your laptop but it couldn’t cost another thing on your computer. It means your power is ok, and the problem is from your computer.

    2.      After checking the charger, you should check the battery now. Let’s remove the battery and install another battery into your computer. Let’s see if it is storing the power or not. If it does, then your battery is faulty. In such a case, you have to replace the battery on your Lenovo laptop.

    3.      If your computer is not charging the new battery. In such a case, you should uninstall the battery driver from your computer. After uninstalling the battery driver, you need to reboot the laptop and then plug in the charger again. It will automatically install the newer driver for your computer.

    4.      If you have tried all these instructions, but somehow your Lenovo laptop is still not charging the battery. It shows the problem from charging ic or DC connector. In that case, you need to check the DC connector first. Be sure; it is correctly wired up. Right after that, you should check the charging IC. (check this equipment only if you have good knowledge of laptop troubleshooting. If you don’t know anything about it, visit the Lenovo store and ask them to fix the problem.)


    Keagan Wunsch

    You haven’t explained your problem in details. Please describe some more just like-

    The charger is plugged in but not giving charging sign and not charging Lenovo laptop.

    Lenovo charger is connected and giving charging sign but not charging the battery.

    Above both, the situation has a different solution, so first, explain which explained above.


    Javier Brown

    I was making my office presentation and suddenly saw my laptop battery was fully draining. It is also asking to connect the charger even charger is connected. Let me know what I should do if it is not charging up?


    Anastasia Crist

    Regularly, people suffer this type of difficulty due to some below reasons-

    • Laptop charger is dead and not in working condition anymore.
    • Laptop charging IC problem in the motherboard may the reason battery is not charging.
    • Battery point is loose to connect with a charging point, also charging can be free.
    • The battery is not capable of storing charging power; also, it is a possible battery broken.

    These above steps may be the reason for not charging the Lenovo laptop. You may also follow these simple steps to solve it-

    • Remove the charger from the power plug.
    • Pull out the battery from your laptop.
    • Check all the points carefully. If there is any dust particle, clean it with paper.
    • Now connect the charger to your laptop without battery and power it on your charger. Try to start your computer to make sure your charger is working. (Note some laptop never turn on without battery even charger is working)
    • Turn off all the devices and install your battery into your computer.
    • Now connect the charger to the power source also with your laptop. If charging light lid up, it means the charger is working fine.

    Leave your charger connected for 15 minutes and disconnect from your laptop. Now turn on your computer on battery. Still, your battery is not charged time to replace your battery.

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