Why Is My Linksys Router Blinking Orange?

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    Sue A. Davis

    My Linksys router is creating massive trouble for me almost every day. It is generating new problems for me. Today, my Linksys router is blinking orange.  I don’t know what should I do to fix the orange internet light issue. Can you help me in fixing it?


    James L. Hammer

    Linksys router blinking orange internet light means there is no internet connectivity detected from the modem.

    Here are the quick steps to fix the flashing orange light problem,

    Check the internet status- 

    Firstly, you should verify internet status on your modem. Ensure that you are getting the internet from your service provider.

    To check the internet status, you can use any one of these methods.

    Method 1- 

    1. Ensure that, you are getting a solid green or blue light on the globe icon on your modem.
    2. If you are getting orange or yellow light on it, you need to reboot your modem once and wait until all led lights become static on the modem.

    Method 2- 

    1. Disconnect the Linksys wifi router from the modem, and remove the power cable from the router as well.
    2. Now Connect your ISP modem directly to the desktop or laptop via ethernet cable.
    3. Let’s reboot the modem and computer once, and wait for one minute.
    4. Now try to access the internet on the modem.

    If you can access the internet on your computer, this means, there is no issue from the ISP.

    The problem is related to the connection or router inside. So you can continue with the following guide to fix the problem.

    However, you cannot access the internet from the modem. This problem is related to the ISP side of the cable connection from the outside is broken.

    In both cases, you can directly communicate with the ISP modem and ask them to fix the problem.

    Check the cable connection-

    Once, you verify the internet status on your modem successfully. You should proceed to check the cable connection to fix the Linksys router blinking orange issue.

    1. Turn off the Linksys wifi router and modem.
    2. Now Disconnect the ethernet cable from the modem and router, and reconnect it. Ensure that, you are getting click sound while connecting it through the router and modem.
    3. Now turn on the router and modem. Wait for 1 or 2 minutes. So your devices can boot themselves properly.
    4. Once you get the green or blue light on the modem, check the light status on your router. Is your Linksys router still blinking orange?
    5. If your Linksys router is still flashing orange, you need to replace the ethernet wire and then check what do you see now.

    Check for the router firmware update- 

    If you are using an old Linksys wireless router. You should check for the router update to time. There must be a firmware update available for the router. That’s why it is not working fine.

    You can easily download the Linksys router firmware from the Linksys official website from here:


    in case, if you need help for updating it, you can visit: an easy guide to update the Linksys router firmware. 

    Factory Restore The Router- 

    After following all these instructions, somehow, if your router is still flashing orange. I will suggest you to Factory restore your Linksys router and setup it again with the correct isp settings.

    1. Power on your router.
    2. Take a pin or pen, and push the reset button available on the back or bottom of the router for 20 seconds.
    3. Release the button now and reboot the router once.

    Once you get the green light on your wireless router, you can start the setup process.

    Note- do not restore your router for more than 2 or 3 times. Otherwise, your router will be dead.



    Susie Morar

    Before restoring your Linksys wireless router, I would advise you to use these techniques to fix the blinking orange internet light issue on the Linksys wifi router.

    Clone the mac address- 

    Some ISP demands mac cloning to verify the user. But the router does not have their mac address.  But they have an option called mac cloning.

    In this feature, you can clone the PC’s mac address into the router. So your isp can verify the users. To perform the mac cloning on your pc. You can use the following steps.

    1. Let your router connected from the internet modem.
    2. Now take another ethernet wire and connect it from any LAN port of the router to the computer.
    3. Turn off the wifi on your laptop computer.
    4. Open the Linksys router setup page, or you may call it admin page.
    5. Under the setup tab, you will get a mac cloning option, click on it.
    6. Select the enable option and then press clone my PC’s mac address button.
    7. Now click on apply changes.

    Finally, your Linksys router will make changes and reboot it. So wait for one minute and review the light status.

    Is your Linksys router still blinking orange internet light?

    Internet setup issue- 

    Ensure that, your router is set up with the correct internet connection type. There, are many times of connection, every isp provides.

    1. Dynamic connection.
    2. Static connection
    3. PPPOE setup.

    If you do not know about the connection type, you have?

    You can directly chat with your service provider and confirm it. After confirming it, you should select the correct isp types also.



    Brenda R. Guerro

    Do I need to know a few things about your Network? So please answer them. Only then I will able to help you better with the solution.

    linksys router blinking orange, linksys router flashing orange, linksys router flashing amber light

    1. Who Is Your Internet service provider?
    2. What is your internet connection type?
    3. How old your Linksys router is?

    Please clarify these subjects first, and later I will attempt my best to assist you in fixing Linksys router flashing amber light problem.

    While this time, you may also visit: why is my Linksys router not working for brief troubleshooting.


    Donato VonRueden

    I have a Linksys router internet modem; it is not detecting the connection. If I connect the Xfinity modem. What should I do to fix the problem?

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