Why Is My Linksys Router Blinking Orange?

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    Sue A. Davis

    My Linksys router has stopped serving the internet on my devices.

    All my devices like- computers, PlayStation, smartphones, have no internet access error message.

    Also, I have checked the status of the light on my router.

    my Linksys is showing solid orange light on the globe icon and blinking orange internet light.

    This is a massive issue for me, can somebody tell me how can I get Linksys router blinking orange problem fixed?

    Susie Morar

    Blinking orange internet light on the Linksys router shows no internet connectivity error.

    You can have such kind of lights on your wifi router due to the following reasons.

    • No internet from the ISP
    • The cable is broken.
    • Update required.
    • Connection settings are invalid.

    Troubleshooting The Linksys Router Blinking Orange 

    Let’s go ahead and follow these instructions to troubleshoot the Linksys router orange globe light issue:

    Check the internet status on your modem – 

    Are you getting the internet on your DSL modem? You can easily verify the internet status on your modem, using any one tricks of them.

    • The internet light on your modem must be green.
    • Disconnect your router from the modem, and connect your modem directly to the laptop or pc. Now try to access the internet.

    If you are getting the orange globe (internet) light on your modem, or you are not able to access the internet directly on your devices.

    It means the issue belongs to the isp side. In such a case, you need to communicate with your isp.

    Power cycle the devices – 

    • Let’s switch off the modem, & wireless router for one minute. Also, remove the power cable from the router.
    • Turn on your modem first, wait for 30 seconds.
    • Now plug in the power cable into your Linksys wifi router, and press the power button to make it power on.
    • Leave your devices free for two minutes.
    • Now let’s see, what color of lights can you see on the router.

    Check the ethernet cable connection – 

    Most of the time, people get a solid or blinking orange internet light on their Linksys wifi router due to the connection issue.

    When you do not make the proper connection between the router or modem. Your modem will not be able to serve the internet to the router.

    As a result, you will get the solid yellow or amber light on it. So let’s check a few things.

    • Ensure that your DSL modem is connected from the WAN (internet) port on the internet router.
    • The ethernet cable must be in good condition if it is broken, you need to replace the cable.
    • Check the cable connector, if they are broken, you need to replace them.

    Updates are required – 

    You should never deny firmware updates because your router is using an old update, probably, it won’t be able to function fast.

    Due to which, you will get the blinking orange globe light or frequent disconnect problem.

    If you may update the firmware using this guide:

    how to update the linksys router firmware


    Brenda R. Guerro

    If you have used the above steps but still unable to troubleshoot the router, you may follow the instructions given below.

    Change the router’s IP – 

    Let’s replace the router’s IP, with class A or B subnet. Now try to reboot your devices once, and see it is allowing you to access the internet or not.

    Clone the mac address- 

    Sometimes, your modem might not be able to identify the router, in such a case, you have to clone the PC’s IP address into the router.

    For that, you need to follow the techniques available below.


    • Let’s connect your router to the computer using an ethernet cable.
    • Turn off the wifi on your laptop.
    • Now open the Linksys router admin panel and go to the LAN settings.
    • Click on the clone mac address.
    • Finally, click on save settings.


    Now you may reboot your device, once and then try to access the internet again.

    Donato VonRueden

    About a few months ago, my Linksys router was blinking orange. I did many things, but it didn’t give me a blue or green light.

    So my friend has suggested me to reset the router once, I did so, after that, my router was working completely fine. You should also try it once.

    James L. Hammer

    Before I can help you with fixing the yellow or amber light issue on your Linksys router, please tell me a few things:

    • What is internet light status on your modem?
    • What is the model number of your Linksys router?
    • Who is your internet service provider and what kind of connection type do you have?



    Sue A. Davis

    Hello James, Thanks for the concerning, I tried the steps given below and my router is working fine now. the problem was related to the internet provider side.

    The internet was not working in my local area.  that’s why it was not working.

    So I hope it will help you in fixing the problem.


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