Why Is My Linksys Router Not Working? Showing No Internet Status.

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    Sue A. Davis

    About a day back, i had power outage due to the bad weather. it came back right after 2 hours. when it was back, i turned on my devices. but i had no internet on modem. so i called my isp and ask them for help.

    well, i got the internet on my modem. but my linksys router is still not working. i am totally confused about what should i do to fix my linksys wifi router?


    Norberto Ruecker

    When I had a similar problem with my Linksys router. That time, I called Linksys router expert at toll-free- 1800-301-8767. they had fixed my problem. you should also call them once.

    Firstly, I will ask you to check the connection between the router and the modem. make sure both of them are connected with each other properly.

    after checking the connection, you need to power off your router and modem for one minute.

    now turn on the modem first, and wait for 10 seconds.

    now turn on the router as well.

    let’s see what color of light can you see on the router now.

    according to me, you should not be having Linksys router not working problem anymore.


    James L. Hammer

    Let’s try these tricks to fix linksys router not working problem:

    • Power cycle the devices: first of all you should power cycle the modem and router. after turning them back on, you need to wait for one minute. so you router & modem can detect each other.
    • Check Cable connection- in so many cases, i have seen people dealing with linksys router stopped working problem. due to the loose cable connection or faulty ethernet cable. so you should check the cable connection. also try to replace the cable and install a new cable. now try to access the internet. let’s see what do you see now.
    • Firmware Update- did you try to update the firmware on your router. most of the time, people face such kind of problem. due to the outdated firmware. so you should check the firmware settings first.
    • Factory restore: if you fail in troubleshooting the linksys router. i will suggest you to factory restore your linksys router. and then wait for one minute. once your router will be up. you need to configure your router again. for more information, you may visit:

    How can i setup linksys router?


    Kay N. Grijalva

    My Linksys n300 wireless router is not working for three days. I can obtain the internet on my pc, but no internet on some wireless devices (laptop, smartphone). where it says, connected no internet.

    how can I resolve my router problem?


    Brenda R. Guerro

    Hello, kay,

    it seems like there is something wrong with wireless settings. that’s why your linksys router is not working. so you need to factory restore the router and reconfigure it.

    I am sure, it will start working fine.

    Also sometimes, It can happen due to the firmware issue. So do not forget to check for the latest firmware.

    you may find the latest firmware from https://www.linksys.com/us/support-product?pid=01t80000003K7gTAAS

    all you need to do, just type your router model number in the search box.


    Javier Brown

    Did you check modem is online? It means are you getting internet from your ISP(internet service provider).

    Connect your computer directly with your modem and check are you able to go online.

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