Why Is My Linksys Router Not Working? Showing No Internet Status.

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    Sue A. Davis

    My Linksys router is not working all of sudden. It was working fine until last night, but don’t know what happens. It is showing me a solid orange power light only.

    Can anyone tell me, why has my Linksys router stopped working?

    Norberto Ruecker

    Let’s use these steps to troubleshoot Linksys router is not working problem:

    • Unplug the power cord from the modem and wait for one minute, now plug it back in.
    • Wait for one minute, then check do you see the green internet light on the router or not.
    • Remove the power cable from the Linksys router, wait for 10 seconds and then plug it back in.
    • Ensure that your modem is connected from the internet port of the Linksys wifi router.
    • Let’s change the ethernet cable and connect your modem with the router via new ethernet cable. Let’s see if it is working now or not?
    • Try to access the Linksys router admin page via router’s IP. If it is showing, this page is not available error message. This means the DHCP server on the Linksys router is not working. That’s why it is not obtaining the IP. In such a case, you need to reset the router and setup it again.
    James L. Hammer

    If you are dealing with linksys router not working problem. It can be due to several basic reasons.

    1. Firmware issue.
    2. Hardware issue.
    3. Connection issue.

    Here, I am going to share the solution for how to troubleshoot Linksys router stopped working problem. You can use it to fix your own router.

    Update Router Firmware-

    Most of the time, People ignores updating the router firmware.  Which causes the trouble for them.

    Router firmware is an operating system for your Linksys wireless router. If you will keep it up to date. Your router won’t be able to function properly.

    And you have to go through many problems on your Linksys wifi router.

    When your linksys router is not working, you should check for the recent firmware update.

    To do that, you can follow the instructions given below

    1. Download the recent firmware from Linksys official website.
    2. Open the Linksys router admin panel.
    3. Click on the administration tab and click on the firmware upgrade.
    4. Now select your router firmware and click on the start to upgrade.
    5. Finally, your router will start updating itself. This process might take some time. So you need to wait for a while.
    6. Once you will get the successful message. You need to click on apply changes.
    7. Now your router will reboot itself, and start giving you the internet.

    Router is overheating –

    An overheating issue can be the reason behind linksys router not working problem.

    You should always turn off the linksys router for atleast 5 minutes everyday. This will help your router in cooling down the ic’s and motherboard.

    Factory Restore-

    If you have already tried all these steps but somehow your linksys router is still not working.

    You should factory restore your router using these tricks.

    1. Power on your router.
    2. Press and hold the red coloured reset button using the pin or pen for one minute.

    Now turn off the linksys wifi router for one minute and then power it back on.

    Kay N. Grijalva

    Did you try to clean the ethernet port on your Linksys router?

    When your router port pins are infected with the dust or carbon? It might create trouble for you.

    So whenever you are going through the Linksys router not working problem.

    You should take cotton or eraser and clean the ethernet ports carefully.

    Brenda R. Guerro

    My linksys router is not detecting any cable on the internet port. While, it can detect the same cable on the other ports like- LAN 1, LAN2, etc.

    Why is it doing so?

    Javier Brown

    It seems like- WAN port on your router is not attached to the PCB board properly. That’s why your router is unable to detect the connection.

    In such a case, you need to open the unbox the top pane of the router. Now punch the port properly on the board and then reconnect the cable.

    Johnny L. Gruber

    f you are not getting the internet on your Linksys router, it can be due to multiple reasons. Here, I am sharing the instructions about how to fix such kind of problems.

    • Firstly, verify internet settings. Ensure that you are receiving the internet from the isp.
    • Check the connection type on your router. You might have chosen the wrong connection type on your router. That’s why your Linksys router is not working. So verify the internet settings from your ISp and then configure your router accordingly.
    • Let’s perform mac cloning once to verify the mac address.

    These settings will help you in troubleshooting the Linksys router no internet problem.

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